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- Placed on owned / group owned land
- Ability to add the inZoxi experience to your lands experience list.

This item is a click-and-go setup, as easy as can possibly be at just 5 Land Impact each!

Basics are:
- Place 2 portals (Portals can only be *paired*, this is not a multi-location portal)
- Click one, click the other
- Walk through to test
- Success!

You will always be facing the way you come out of the portal!


This documentation will allow you to start using your portals.


- Placed on owned / group owned land
- Ability to add the inZoxi experience to your lands experience list.

>>> Setting up and using your first portal


1. Add the inZoxi experience to your land. To do this, right click your land and select "About Land". Then go to "Experiences", and under "Allowed Experiences", click "Add...". Now search for "inZoxi Experience" and add the experience. If you walk into the portal without the required experience, it should give you a link that you can use to make sure the two experiences are the same.

2. Place two portals and click each. They should sync up. You will have to do this every time you move or rotate one of the portals.

3. If you walk in for the first time, the portal should ask you if you want to accept the experience, hit Yes. If you aren't asked, go back to step 1, double-check you have selected the right experience. If it should still not work, contact us.


>>> Advanced use


>> Cloning portals
This can be useful, if you want to have two portals pointing at one location.
1. Right click a portal and select "Take copy" (Optionally, you may rename it first, so you can identify it easier).
2. Place the copy down. It should point at the same location as the portal you copied.

>> Manual coordinates
Manual coordinates can be used if you want the portal to not point to another portal.
1. Right click a portal and select "Edit"
2. Set the description to look like this: X,Y,Z,R -- These would be the X, Y, Z position (in region coordinates) and Z-rotation, respectively. 0,0,10,90 for example would teleport an avatar to X: 0, Y: 0, Z: 10, looking east (90° clockwise). You can also use fractions, like 10.5.

Any questions should go to hello@inzoxi.co.uk
Thank you!





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