quake skill-portals Version 1.2

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for the ultimate quake-fans, we provide you with your very own piece of quake, right here in second life!

the quake skill-portals,
exact replica's of the skill portals from the startmap from quake.
made to be functional as teleporters for your home, your club or your sim

at the request of a customer several new things have been added to the portals:
- added ambience sounds to the portals: constant howling wind, and thunder strikes at random intervals between 10 and 30seconds. sound volumes can be changed and they can be turned on or off, for people who dont like the wind and thunder.
-added teleport sound effect to the portals which is heard when someone uses the portal
-also included now is a special item with which you use to easily extend the range from where the howling wind and thunder can be heard.

-updated the portals with a new script which makes it a lot easier for people to set a new desired tp location.
-the portals now will say a preset (configurable) message in local when leftclicked.
each portal has a preset message made by me set by standard.
-usage of the portal in general has been made lot easier by adding chat commands,
so people dont have to fuzz around with editing the script itself anymore
-this also means that the script is no longer modifyable since this is not needed anymore cuz the owner doesnt need to change anything inside the script itself.

legal info:
this item uses textures taking from the QRP (quake revitalizing project) which can be found at http://qrp.quakeone.com




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