Mer Betta™ / Ms.O.Lei-ny™
Mer Betta™ / Ms.O.Lei-ny™
Verkauft von: Opal Lei
Beigetreten: 31.8.2006

Mer Betta™ has been a trendsetter in mermaid tail designs since August 2007. The first to focus on a specific fish species, the first to introduce large-finned tails, the first to create a bridal mermaid tail, Mer Betta continues to innovate, while remaining focused on the detail and quality of each tail. Based on real-life photos of the betta fish, Mer Betta fins reflect the vibrant colors and incomparable beauty that occur in nature.

Ms.O.Lei-ny™ is currently focused on accessories and tools for fashion models. Originally intended to be a catch-all brand for Opal's various products that don't easily fit into a single category, Ms.O.Lei-ny is becoming better known for its "Etched in Stone" jewelry sets.


All copiable items are non-refundable/non-exchangeable.

To get a refund for a duplicate purchase, please copy the information for both transactions from your transaction history onto a notecard, titled "Duplicate purchase - <your name>" and send it to Opal Lei.



Merbetta msoleiny logos combined 700x100

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