Immerschoen Fashion
Immerschoen Fashion
Verkauft von: Gismo Rhode
Beigetreten: 29.3.2007

Original and exclusive designs from the
'Immerschoen Graphic Studio'.

- Gismo Rhode
- nici Sewell


All content, graphics/textures and fashions designs are protected by copyright and international treaties and may not be copied and on other name to be on sale.
Violations this hint, we report to Linden Lab® and dmca report.


All sales are FINAL, no refunds, exchanges or send copys to other avatars.
The Products (unless special products) are modify and transfer ready.

If you are buying as GIFT:

Send the box (DELIVER AS GIFT) not to offline avatars!
Check for 'busy mode' is off!
Send not boxes to avatars on heavy lag lands and sims!

Please, for special questions send inworld a notecard to us :-)

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