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Beigetreten: 23.12.2008

Welcome to our store
we work with Poses, Accessories, Backdrop Scenarios, soon CLOTHING
our is style is a little focused on feminine style (Kawaii, Adults, and some Unisex things feel like the Will in our store for any doubt of unsentrolled prodcuts or with malfunctioning send an NC to s2Danyeles2 Lisa or Tatuzihaa06 Within 46 hours We will try to solve your problem!
Know our store in the world also stay inside launches and promotion


Our products are 100% Original Mesh, some we work with fullperm
most are from our creation we do not want to resale ex porridge
* Transferable Protos we do not accept exchange unless there is a problem you will have 48 hours to request the exchange! if the deadline is passed the exchange will be discarded, this exegetion applies only to GAS!
Other products we exchange normally we are soon joini

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