ezura Xue
ezura Xue
Sold by: Ezura Xue
Joined: May 22, 2008

Fashion store with Alternative clothing, shoes and accessories. Gothic, steampunk, fantasy, neko, madieval and vampire are just some of the outstanding and unique fashion offers here. Perfect for role-players.

+ Any questions or comments regarding our merchandise, or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Send IM or notecard to Ezura Xue in-world.

Please include these informations with your concern: Your avatar name, Product name, Transaction number + date and Message.

We will try to reply to IM’s and Notecards as soon as we can if we get them. IM get lost sometimes. So, if we didn’t reply please send them again.

Thank you! ^^


All non-transferable merchandise are non-refundable. Exceptional for duplicates purchases. Please send IM to Ezura Xue with transaction number & date to get a refund for duplicate purchases.

Gifting:pls click "Send as gift" & enter the right recipient name.

Most products are copy + resizer. Only some are transfer + resizer.

Any questions regarding our merchandise please IM Ezura Xue. TY^^


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