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We have a variety of spatial simulation environments: Mars expedition, Shipwreck, Asteroid stellar base, Spacecraft, Space station, Lunar base. Also some orbital kit: space environment generator. Zero gravity device dispenser and HUD version.

Many products to enhance your role playing: The Judges sanctum, The imperial tower, Cryogenique installation, bunker and cryotank. Space travel between Earth and Mars. All for a space adventures for you and your friends.

Bring your friends for a space trip in a realistic space evironment: live a shipwreck, an archelogic expedition into the deep space, or a simple fligh arround the Earth. Live a space-walk over an unknown planet, or in an asteroid belt.

Enhance you role playing, discover the terrible domain of Ahriman, the ritual of the fire. Offer a sacrifice to Butak the beast of the deepness, or in the traditional mayan ceremony of the heart removal. See the lovely belvedere or the oceanic storm.

Offer you the blues mobiles, an old rusty impala 1975. We have submarines, caravel, railcar.

Nous avons toute une gamme de produits de simulations: Mission orbitale, rituel sacrificiel, Voyage sur Mars, Bunker cryogénique. Oracle avec vraies visions.


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