Feather's Expressions
Feather's Expressions
Verkauft von: Feather Firecaster
Beigetreten: 27.2.2009

I am a DJ, photographer in RL and dabble in SL. I have enjoyed writing and inspiring messages as well as children's books and the Spoken Word.

I will be offering:

Tip JARS for all occasions, Christmas is on display rn at new location!!
hosts, DJ's, events, clubs, sims, special events and custom orders!
RL photos that I have taken over the years, framed or poster, Animated or stills, Black and white or manipulated.

Some will have quotes or inspiring messages.
Wall Stickers, Children and adult to decorate your home.

I also will be offering Audio books .. children and adult.

I will be offering Gestures and animations as well.

Dj Drops and intros coming soon!

Odd's and Ends as I learn and grow as a creator!

тнαηк уσυ ƒσr ρυrƈнαѕιηg му ƈrєαтιση ~ ι нσρє уσυ αrє ∂єєρℓу ѕαтιѕƒιє∂!
ιƒ уσυ нανє αηу qυєѕтισηѕ σr ƈσηƈєrηѕ, уσυ αrє мσrє тнαη ωєℓƈσмє тσ ƈσηтαƈт мє.


** No Refunds **

Please contact me if you have an issue, I will work with you to resolve :)


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