LadyJess Przhevalsky - The Texture Barn - LJ Farms
LadyJess Przhevalsky - The Texture Barn - LJ Farms
Sold by: LadyJess Przhevalsky
Joined: April 01, 2009

Set your inner horse free!

Introducing the new LJ Farms "All the Pretty Little Horses" (APLH) series of horse avatars! Full bento and BOM (bakes on mesh) utilized.

The Texture Barn is proud to bring you realistic textures to help you create the horses of your dreams. We have a huge variety of color packs custom built to fit the Water Horse, TeeglePets, Hoofit, AKK and Lone Star horses as well as the TWI wolves.

Also select animation packs available as well.



These textures are designed and sold for your own personal use within Second Life only. They are not to be taken outside of Second Life in any form, for modification or otherwise, without express permission from their creator, LadyJess Przhevalsky. They are not to be re-sold or redistributed either as themselves, or as part of any other build, without proper l

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