Sold by: Jathra Vanmoer
Joined: November 28, 2006

JVTEK - Bringing you the highest quality products since 2007.

Commission Information:
Full Permission Scripts - $5000L per hour. 1 Hour minimum billed. Please detail the commission in a note card for an estimate.

Scripting Lessons:
Beginning to advanced topics available, $2500L per lesson. Lessons last 1 hour each and proceed at your pace. Lessons are in English only.

Consulting: $2500L per hour.

Please drop Jathra Vanmoer a note card if interested in JVTEK products or services.


No refunds will be given on copyable products. Please ensure you are buying the right product.

Free copies of products WILL NOT be given to alt accounts, sorry.

Support given in English only, if you do not speak English, please have a translator ready.

Bug reports and feature requests can be sent to Jathra Vanmoer via note card.

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