Dynamic Archery & Dynamic Aviation
Dynamic Archery & Dynamic Aviation
Sold by: Restless Swords
Joined: August 27, 2010

Restless Swords is a developer of goods for Medieval activities in SecondLife, and for Smooth flying aircraft.
- In particular, there is a line of Dynamic Archery Ranges that are unlike any others. They provide a much more interesting and challenging experience using differnt types of targets (circulars, knights, animals, etc) which move and show/hide at different speeds to provide different difficulties.
- As well, there is a line of 3D Animated Animals suitable for atmospheric roaming in your SIM, or also available in hunting version and a Hunting Arena game
- and for modern folks, there are the ultra-smooth flying jets that are specially optimized for sim crossings.


if you have a problem with ANY of my items, i want to hear about it and resolve it for you. I will accept nothing less than fully delighted customers.

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