Actanon Mesh Avatar(v1.0)

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Actanon Mesh Avatar & Avatar HUD v2.0
HUD Controlled Mesh avatar
Designed and Created by Tellaq Guardian & arzach Mills
Scripted By heyter nitely


This avatar works with Omega appliers you can apply skins, tattoos and skin clothes via Omega appliers

Or You can apply tattoos, skins, clothes for yourself or you can buy from 3rd party stores

Also new skins, tattoos and clothes will be released for Actanon also previous TELLAQ skins will be converted to Actanon body

* Carefully created body skins matches with his body type. Also textures fully compatible with sl skin textures

* Partially you can edit Actanon Mesh on the Avatar appearance ----> Edit Shape field

* Bento Head will let you edit Actanon head too

* Please firstly wear Full Body Alpha layer to hide your default Sl avatar
under mesh. Then use always "ADD" option to wearing anything after mesh.

* Alpha hud will help while wearing 3rd party clothes most of clothes will fit to Actanon body even some small sizes

* HUD have self update feature

* Don't forget joining our TELLAQ FRENZY group to follow update releases


- Fully Compatible with SL Skin textures

- Omega compatible mesh avatar

- 3 Layer on body; Skin, Tattoo and Clothing

- 3 Type of bonus clothes in pack(Singlet, Short and swimwear)

- Avatar neck fits with default SL avatar neck, you can wear other heads which is fits to SL neck

- You can apply your textures to layers via Layer Options menu

- Including BENTO head&hands

- Alpha&Avatar&Layer controller HUD

- Built in hand poses presented in HUD

- Tintable Body&Head via HUD

- Built in update system

- Simple applier system

- Including Advanced Lighting Model textures

- Bonus 3rd party clothes

- Body shape

- You can try demo of Rancidus skins via applier hud

- Nails, they are also tintable like every layers

Actanon Avatar HUD

* You can change skin color&tones with our HUD

* You can change Tattoo and Clothing layer colors via HUD (If they are tintable)

* You can save your favorite colors in HUD

* You can enter a custom RGB Value with using RGB button

* You can change mesh textures

* You can apply your own textures on Actanon via using "APPLY" buttons

* You can hide body parts with Alpha tab

* You can save or load 10 Alpha layouts via alpha save slots

* You can hide or show layers via Layer option& Head layers option tabs

* HUD will send you updates automatically

* You can use appliers which is created by our own apply system

We need feedbacks and suggestions please don't be hesitate about contact us
Please try Demo first always and be sure about purchase....Because we'll not gonna refund you if you don't like Actanon
Customers or Developers could contact with us directly -----> Tellaq Guardian, arzach Mills or heyter nitely

We hope you'll enjoy your new product .

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  • Full mesh body which working with SL default textures
  • Including BENTO head and hands
  • Tintable Body, Multi layered
  • Fits with default SL Avatar Neck
  • Omega Appliers Compatible

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how someone can

Publicado July 03, 2020 por lou1969 1 estrella

how someone can sell this .. 2650 L$ loose.. keep your money !!

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good but could be great

Publicado May 28, 2020 por maximus Block 3 estrellas

this avatar will be perfect with bakes on mesh instead of omega. with omega you can still see the ghost of your avatar shape under applied layers and its damned annoying. also, clothes are difficult to fit especially shirts so youre stuck with omega appliers and most of those are short like belly shirts, when you apply the bottom or leg part, you see where the legs under the pants are its super frustrating and im hoping so much for BOM for this one. If that happens ill give a better review but until then, its three stars for lack of clothing available and omega ghost see thru on legs and arms. I hope the creator sees this and considers it because im kind of wishing at this point that id purchased a jake or signature body instead.

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