BB BioBreeds Sterling Rottweiler unbirthed Ready for your Home or Ranch Versión v2.1.1

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Rough Biobreeds Rottweiler
BioBreeds v2.1.1
Dobe ♀F

Mother: Moma Dobe Mia
Father: Little Bro

Coat: Fawn
Ears: Normal
Eyes: Blue
Tail: Normal
Shade: Rose
Grand: Magic (b)

To enjoy your new puppy, follow these instructions. Please remember if you have your land 'set to group' or 'deeded to group' to ensure that your dogs, puppy boxes and food are set to the same group.

Birthing a puppy box will take up to 1 hour.
If your box fails to birth after it has counted down to 00:00, please wait 2 minutes to allow for lag then pick it up into your inventory and re-rez. You can then start the birthing process again.
<<<IMPORTANT>>> DO NOT under any circumstances right click and Open the puppy box and 'copy to inventory'. This WILL BREAK your puppy and you will lose it.
When you first rez your food bowl you will need to 'Enable Pay'. To do this you touch the bowl, then select from the menu "ENABLE PAY". You can then right click the food bowl and select "Pay" from the pie menu. You have a choice of purchase prices then which are equivalent to weeks of food for 1 dog. Example: 1 week / 2 weeks / 4 weeks / 6 weeks. You can obtain this information by touching the food bowl and selecting "INFO" from the drop down menu.

Remember -- Touch (Click on the Box) and use the use the Blue Menu to begin Birthing ... DO NOT pick up your puppy box while it is in the birthing process.
* DO NOT 'open and copy contents to inventory' or alter the contents in any way of ANY Puppy Box or Dog. This WILL break them!

* View the user manual online at http:/ & the PDF manual below!

* If you have any problems with your dogs, please pick them up and re-rezz them. If you still experience problems, please visit or touch your terminal in-world and go to support.

* Feel free to join the group BioBreeds in-world to keep up to date or just for a friendly chat with your peers.

Thank you for your purchase. I hope you enjoy your BioBreeds breedables!

FREE Food Bowl & accessories below or in-world @ the Link below!

Good Luck! -- Lostboyz

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  • Rare ♂M Biobreeds Rottweiler for your Home
  • Follow Me, Come & other Commands
  • 14 Prims After Birth
  • User-friendly Menu

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