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Perfect for shopping alone or with your friends; for sharing your discoveries directly with your shopping buddies or on your blog; for revealing what that gorgeous outfit is on the person near you.


❇ Discovered something you like while you're shopping? Lookmark it! Once you're done looking around in the store and gathering lookmarks (the camera angles you saved), review your lookmarks to compare and decide what you really want to get.

❇ Getting a demo? Lookmark the item so you know where it is once you get back to the store to get it after trying the demo.

❇ Shopping with friends? Share your lookmarks with them when you think you found something that you think would look gorgeous on them — or if you'd like their opinion on your discovery!

❇ The friend you're shopping with doesn't have a Shopalicious HUD? No problem, ask them if you may track their camera and you'll see what they're looking at!

❇ Seeing someone wearing an item you just have to get for yourself? Use Shopalicious's Fashion Spy to discover what it is and even get Marketplace links and lookmark URLs to the items!

❇ Found something special in a store or at an event and blogging about it? Save a lookmark and share the lookmark URL on your blog! Other Shopalicious users can just click that link to go there and see what you were looking at!

How it works:

❇ Lookmarking
To set a lookmark, simply click the Set Lookmark button on your HUD. At all times, your HUD displays what you're looking at. This will be used as name for the lookmark when you set one.
After you set a lookmark, the first button on the HUD will change to the rating mode. If you like you can tell how much you like this item (it might help you later to decide if you want to get it). Also, you can tell Shopalicious if you're getting a demo or if you're purchasing the item.
To view and cycle among lookmarks, click the Focus Previous/Next Lookmark buttons on your HUD. The HUD will display the name of the current lookmark and the lookmark's rating. You can interact with the rating button if you want to change the rating.
Click the History button to view the last 20 places at which you've set lookmarks. The list displayed in local chat includes links which let you teleport back to the location.

❇ Social Shopping
If you're shopping with friends, Shopalicious helps you exchange your ideas and opinions by making it simple to see what your friends are looking at.
Once the friends you're going shopping with are all in the same sim as you, you can set them as your shopping buddies for your shopping tour. Whenever you see something you'd like your friends to have a look at, click the Share button , and they'll have the option to look at what you're seeing or save it as a lookmark immediately (provided they also have the Shopalicious HUD).
If your friends don't have the Shopalicious HUD, you can still ask them if you could track their camera. Click the Track Camera button and pick the person whose camera you'd like to track. The person will need to grant the permission to let you track their camera. Once they grant it, the HUD will start following the camera of your friend.

❇ Sharing Lookmarks
There are several ways to share lookmarks:
▶ Copy and share a lookmark URL, which is chatted to you when you set a lookmark or when you search your lookmarks. You can add the lookmark URL to your blog, and when a reader (who also owns the Shopalicious HUD) clicks on it, it will display a map so they can teleport to the lookmark location and view it once they arrive at the destination.
▶ You could also just give the lookmark URL to a friend, e.g., by IM. When they click on it, it will also take them to the location and give the option to view the lookmark.
▶ Click the Shopalicious's Share button. Either it will automatically share the lookmark with your current shopping buddies or it will ask you who you want to share it with.

❇ Fashion Spy
When you're looking at another avatar (or yourself), the first HUD button changes to the "Fashion Syp" mode , and it will display who are you looking at.
If you click the Fashion Spy button, Shopalicious scans what the person you're looking at is wearing and will display a "style card" once it's done gathering the information.
The style card contains the name of the item and it's creator and, more interestingly, either a link to the item's Marketplace page or to the creator's Marketplace shop if the item couldn't be found.
Also, if a lookmark is available for an inworld location where you can get the item, it will give you the lookmark URL. As usual, clicking it will display the map so can teleport to the location and offer you to focus the camera on the lookmark once you arrive.

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  • Save & ratelookmarks while shopping, compare & decide later
  • Share lookmarks with your shopping buddies
  • Share lookmark URLs on your blog
  • Track your friends' camera to see what they are seeing
  • Discover what other are wearing: Fashion Spy with Marketplace search

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Excelent, i love it

Publicado November 04, 2019 por claudiabb 5 estrellas

Awesome!!, i can save the positions where the items are located on the store, so i can find it easy.

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