CasperVend² HoloVend Expansion Pack - Networked 3D Rezzing Vendor with Temp Rez support and proximity detection Versión 2.10r6

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This is one of the most popular members of the CasperVend suite, HoloVend - a vendor which allows you to rez demo builds and sell them.

This vendor plugs right into your existing CasperVend system - but don't worry! If you don't already have CasperVend, you can get it for FREE - see related items. The free version of CasperVend charges a small 5% commission per sale. If you have CasperVend Premium, you pay no commission, of course!

Here's some of the fantastic features that our HoloVend will give you:

- ELEVEN styles of vendor!

- FOUR low impact mesh models!

- FULL customisation capability!

- CasperVend 2.0 Network!

- Proximity sensor - prevents builds from being de-rezzed when the person who rezzed it is still within the demo area.

- Web configuration - Set how long you want the builds to rez for, whether they rotate, and other stuff on the CasperVend website

- Automatic temp-rezzing - Detects temporary objects and automatically re-rezzes them as necessary

- Allows you to set a "Default" item, which rezzes when nothing else is rezzed. Useful for maybe a door to the demo area!

- Plugs right into your existing CasperVend system. If you have CasperVend Premium, the holovendors are 100% commission free!

- Fully comprehensive sales statistics, export to CSV, graphs and charts showing your product performance

- Supports huge builds - CasperTech Rez-Free is INCLUDED which allows you to rez multiple linksets accurately and quickly from your holovendor. This is great for houses, shops, any large build!

- Supports small builds too! The accuracy of this system is perfect for things even as small as jewellery

- Also supports builds packaged with Rez-Free, Rez-Faux, Rez-Foo, Rez-Locus or Jack-In-The-Box!

- Allows the rezzed item to be rotated slowly

- "Buy as a gift" support allowing your customers to deliver the item to somebody else, perfect for the holiday season

- Really fast setup - no notecards!

- Really simple future updates with our UpgradeBee system - no need to reconfigure your vendor!

Please note: All customers who purchase items from us will be added to a product update and notification mailing list, which will arrive as IM's inworld. If you do not wish to receive these update, please simply click the included opt-out link.

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  • Rezzes demonstration builds for your customers, and allows you to sell them
  • Proximity sensor - Prevents builds from being de-rezzed when in use
  • Automatic temp-rez support. Detects temp objects and re-rezzes them as needed.
  • "Default" item support, an object which is rezzed when nothing else is
  • Web-based statistics, remote delivery, and top notch support

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Why didn't I get this years ago...why!!!! its flippin fantastic

Publicado August 17, 2020 por Amanda Dench 5 estrellas

I've got a lot of animesh characters out on display and they have eaten nearly all my land impact. I've seen other merchants use Holovend and thought 'at my age that's going to really hurt the brain cells, it looks as though its going to be complicated to use'. I needed to reduce my land impact so I took the bull by the horns and bought it. *Sigh* its so easy to use, I mean really easy. Apart from coming up with the most amazing products, Caspers instructions are concise and easy to follow. Thank you Casper :)

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That's great! Super!

Publicado July 17, 2020 por grassiela2 5 estrellas

Very simple settings. Great product. But one problem. I wrote to support , waiting for a response 4 days. Can't we speed up the response? There are no complaints about the product itself. solid 5 stars! Great!!!!!

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