CasperVend² QuantityVendor Expansion Pack v2.11 Versión 2.11r2

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- What is the QuantityVendor?

It works just like any other CasperVend vendor, EXCEPT the customer can pay ANY amount, and they will recieve as many copies of the product as their payment covers.

FOR EXAMPLE - You are selling bait for L$10 per piece. Your customer pays L$65. They will recieve SIX pieces of bait, and a L$5 refund.

- How does it work?

Just set it up like any other vendor in your CasperVend system (This is an expansion, an existing CasperVend system is required).

- Will it flood my stats page?

No, not at all - the sale will appear as a single transaction, like this:

Piece of bait x 6

- Can I just record the sale on my own servers and not deliver anything?

Sure. A product doesn't have to be set to deliver anything - you can set the item to "None". This will simply accept the payment and - if you use our ANS feature - it will record the sale on your servers.

- What if I want to just deliver one notecard but deliver/record many items?

No problem! We will only deliver multiple copies of the "item" - we'll only deliver one copy of the notecard or landmark.

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  • Requires CasperVend²
  • Sell many copies of your item at once!
  • Ideal for no-copy consumables like food or bait
  • Tidy tracking by our statistics system
  • Full ANS reporting and option to notify only

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This item requires that you have access to land in Second Life in order to use it.

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