Cloud 9 - Submersiva Fantasy Pod Versión 32x16x30 meter diameter

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Cloud 9 fantasy pods are designed to envelope you within a world of fun, fantasy and adventure. These pods are perfect for anyone, especially those who want a private getaway without staring at the neighbor's cluttered skies. Each one is built around a specific theme with special features, sounds and furnishings perfectly suited to the environment it's built into. Be sure to view my other products to see all of my current Fantasy Pods available or visit me in-world!

The Submersiva Sphere is a 60x60x60 meter structure designed to be the perfect retreat for romance, meditation or a little quiet time. It features a variety of underwater plant life, fish and animals, a three dome gazebo and a floating gazebo above along with many other amazing features! Perfect for mermaids and sea lovers alike!

The pink shell and horn flowers are all scripted for multi-pose seating. There are teleporters setup for easy access to the floating islands or you can click the hanging moss below them for a boost up. This pod rezzes out at 275 prims, however, if you need to utilize less prims, you can remove most any item you do not need once the pod has been rezzed and saved.

To setup your pod, position the rezzing box where you wish to rezz your sphere. You will need a 60x60 diameter space so place your rezzer in the center and touch it to rezz. It will do the rest for you. Be sure to click save to permanently place your pod. This will also fix any sideways prims that sometimes rezz out funky.

To view a demo of this build, please visit our Rezzing Station in-world.


If you have any questions about an item you've purchased, plan to purchase or would like to see a demo of a build, feel free to IM Bonny Greenwood or send a notecard with your request. I'll do everything possible to respond in a timely fashion.

We sell our line of products in a variety of locations, however, to see our full inventory, visit us at our main store. See my classifieds for store locations and info.

-Bonny Greenwood

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  • Floating and ground level gazebos with multi-posed seating.
  • Underwater animals and plant life.
  • Beautiful surrounding background of coral reefs.
  • Ambient sound scheme by Acoustic Alchemy.
  • Breathtaking special effects and design!

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