DEMO ColorChange&Black THIN Eyeliner

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MOONSHADOW Eyeshadow DEMOs - for women or men.
Black (no mod) and Color Change (mod) DEMOs included.

This DEMO makeup is worn on the Tattoo Layer. Try both the Black (no mod) version and the Color Change (mod) version included in this DEMO. Instructions on how to change the color of the Color Change version are included in the package.

**Please note, the varying differences in SL shapes - eye shape, size, puffiness and numerous other facial factors, alter the appearance of this item. It is highly recommended that you try all DEMOs prior to your purchase as there are no refunds.

This item was created specifically for the "Tattoo Layer" available now in most viewers. To see if your third party viewer supports tattoo layers and layering, please check your viewer documentation or look it up here:

Anyone using any viewer can SEE this makeup - but you must have a compatible viewer to wear it.

If you have any questions or comments, please drop Lera Keng a notecard. Special requests will be considered! I can also combine any of my tattoo layer products to make one layer by special order only.
Please review this item! :)



  • Tattoo Layer
  • DEMOs only
  • 2 versions
  • Unisex
  • Eyeshadow Makeup

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VANITY FLAIR by Lera - eyes, eyeliner, eyelashes, makeup
VANITY FLAIR by Lera - eyes, eyeliner, eyelashes, makeup
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