Dancing Christmas Elves - Animation & Music

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Christmas will be completely covered with this charming chorus line of Christmas elves. One simple elf leads the way. Just rez him.
The text above his head invites a touch, who could resist? And when he is touched, nine of his friends rez out in a line, all dancing , and the text "Cheers" above their heads, and the sound of sleighbells can be heard. Fitting, since their hats are topped with bells.
They are just getting started. The number 20 can be seen above them, and then the music starts. A charming rendition of Jingle Bells begins, and continues as they count down. As the numbers and the sing winds down.. the elves then poof away , giving off a short poof of snowflakes into the sky as they go.
All gone. The music ends, the elves poof away, and all that remains is the single elf, awaiting the next touch.

The elves are all animated textures with alpha on single flat prims, textured on both sides. The lead elf does not animate until touched.

Important to note for positioning: The elves will rez along the north/south axis, no matter which way you rotate the lead elf. They face east/west.

Prim count is listed here as 10, but it is only one little prim when inactive.

Comes boxed with a note card with setup tips. It is as simple as rezzing one prim in the right direction.

Quite an entertaining and interactive holiday decoration. Sure to bring cheer wherever you set it. It really is very merry!

>> See the video clip for an idea how this looks , and sounds inworld.
>> Or better yet, stop by the shop and give it a go. Do not forget to grab the box full of holiday freebies!

Happy Holidays.

Be sure to see my other items for more animated and tuneful holiday goodies.

Thanks for looking.



  • Temp rezzing animated Christmas Elves!
  • Jingle Bells Song.
  • Activates On Touch. Animation and Music!
  • Snowflake Poofs!
  • Winter Holiday Entertainment!

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