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This is just a small, silly little sign I made, based on the famous Nara Park signs in Japan; perfect for parks and other public spaces, especially if you have deer around (feral or anthro/furry) and want to make them smile. Or if you happen to be a deer and want everyone to know that, despite your adorable looks and gentle demeanor, you can be fierce and vicious if you need to be! ^.^

There are four versions included in the box, all with mod/copy/no-transfer permissions, and with no scripts:
- Standard: Single-sided sign with wooden legs (2 LI)
- 2-Sided: The standard version, but with the sign printed on both sides instead of just one (2 LI)
- No Legs: Just the sign, single-sided, if you're mounting it on a wall or if you have your own preferred sign posts (1 LI)
- With Photo: My personal favorite; the standard version with a photo of a very fierce deer that someone pinned to one of the legs. Feel free to substitute your own photo! (3 LI)

Additionally, there are versions of each sign included that allow you to resell them when you place them. The payout is 20%, so if you feel like sharing this kit with others, you can make a little money from doing so (and I really appreciate it!). And if not, no worries, you can just use the regular versions :) These show up as no-mod/copy/no-transfer because of the vendor scripts, but the signs themselves should still be modifiable (and if they're not, let me know and I'll fix it!)

For questions or support, or for customization inquiries, contact Natasha Petrichor.

You can check it out in-world using the SLURL below, or at our public rezzing area in Bonga:

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A big boost for my fragile ego!
full star full star full star full star full star Publicado September 07, 2020 por fanule

As a deer in Second Life I've had to suffer the humility of being treated as a cute little animal. But I'm a fierce wild beast I tell ya! Well no more! Since putting this sign in front of my home I'm treated with respect and dignity and given a wide berth. I do miss the belly rubs and being fed strawberries... I won't bite, I swear!

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