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This is version 3 of the combat evolution bloodfire katana combat HUD. This is an advanced melee combat HUD and katana. This latest release includes lots of new features and performance improvements. If you have an older version of the HUD you should recieve this update automatically when you attach it. Included with this are two styles of katana. A Black one, and traditional white one. In the pack for each of these katanas you will find a short motion trail and long motion trail version.

Key Features :-
Version 3 Enhancements
- Scripts reduction in huds to reduce lag and improve performance
- HUD is once again modifiable
- Button delay system removed, and a complex variable hit point system added
- Lots of animations have been remastered, added or replaced accross the range of HUDs.
- Secret combo system added
- Lots of additional script changes to improve performance to both HUDs and weapons (in weapons systems)
- motion trails on katana improved
- scripts in katana reduced

General HUD Features
- The HUD allows you to fight using the keyboard or a button system.
- Motion capture fighting animations
- Direction sensative blocking (fixed in v3)
- Counter attack and Power Attack system (fixed in v3)
- Turn off C.E. health/damage system to use smoothly with other combat systems that use the same keyboard control system
- Find nearby fighters via the HUD.
- Devils Moon Dedicated Role Play sim. If you have nowhere to go and use your HUD or learn about it, please feel free to stop by Devils Moon.
- Scores website at www.combatevolution.com

1. Before you do anything, I recommend making a backup of your HUDs and Katana. !!!!
2. If your hud does not appear to have loaded correctly, please reset it using the reset button in its options menu. (Test all the attack buttons to check.)
3. Please consider joining the combat evolution group as well for CE related news. The 'Abranimations Updare Group' can be joined for all other Abranimations products.
4. Please be aware that version 3 HUDs are not compatible with earlier HUD versions.

Version 3.0 Release Info
This is a major revision of the combat evolution huds.
It includes many fixes and improvements as well as alterations to game play.
Please see the release notes at the bottom of this document for more information on the changes.

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Awesome. Couple issues
full star full star full star full star empty star Publicado July 11, 2020 por Vict632 Neiro

The animations are great, the menu the huds, everything is pretty good.

Just a couple issues:

1: No resize option. It's no mod too so I gotta settle for it looking a bit too large for my avi.

2: A few bugs I found. Cannot disable "blood effects" and you always return to the drawn stance /animation after dying and recovering. These are rather minor bugs though.

To be honest I'd give it 5 stars with a resizer option, smaller version or just make it modifiable :v

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Very nice work! Craftsmanship.
full star full star full star full star full star Publicado April 23, 2019 por XX Limonaxit

A very beautiful and well done Katana.
The HUD works great also. Awesome animations :D
Fun to play with.

Abramelin sent me a resizable (mod) version of the Katana on request.
Thank you for your friendly, great service Abramelin!

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