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Quality original mesh accessories, virtually handcrafted with love. These boots are copyable and modifiable and can be worn without any additional mesh feet.

These, like all Eclectica pieces, are original mesh and unique to Eclectica. No templates are used.

The 'Havisham Boots' are script-free and have a land impact of 1 each, making them very kind to the virtual environment. The fatpack versions have a single removable 64kb script per boot.

There are 12 texture variations in the range, 6 pale and 6 dark, with a fatpack version for each. Please scroll down to "related items" to see them all.

I have named these after the wonderful and terrible Miss Havisham, as when texturing I aimed for a shabby worn-down look inspired by her. There is an ivory or pale dove grey pair in the pale version that would best suit her, but admittedly I snuck in some other colours as well, and with the dark versions, well...they are perhaps Miss Havisham in a darker world after 5. The dark ones would be ideal for a rough outdoors life, tramping along muddy lanes or gothic settings. The pale ones are indoors colours, for the daytime. Hide them under your skirts if they are too shabby for polite society whilst you sip your tea.

You do not need any mesh feet to wear these boots, as they replace the feet. So remove your feet! You may continue to wear any shoe bases as you please, but use alpha layers to hide your system feet as usual. Then "add" the Eclectica boots, rather than "wear" them, so that they do not replace anything you have attached to the lower leg attachment point. The Eclectica boots are unrigged mesh, so you will still be able to adjust their position and size if necessary while wearing them.

Being unrigged, this means that if you would like to use the boots as props in any photography projects, or just leave them lying about the house as clutter, you can.

If needed, they can be resized manually using the edit menu.

All pieces being copy/mod friendly, you are able to tint the items a little to help with colour matching. I have made the hues on the side of subtle, so if you want the red to be more red, for example, there is room for you to do that. If you wish to tweak the shine /glow settings, tweak away. The separate faces are- upper top, upper toes, lining, metal, laces, heel, and sole.

A demo pack is available inworld.

If you wish to see more, just visit the Eclectica shop in Sinaburoe or IM Tiffy Vella inworld with any queries.

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  • Unique mesh designs, by original designer.
  • No mesh feet required.
  • Mesh body compatible.
  • Free demo packs available inworld.
  • Copy+mod flexibility.

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