Eclectica Mechanika Glasses (old gold)

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Quality vintage mesh accessories, virtually handcrafted with love. All pieces are copyable and modifiable.

These accessories contain a single removable script per piece, to handle texturechanging and resizing. Please note that you can also resize these manually using the edit menu if you prefer, and you may also tint the surfaces manually to help with colour matching.

The items are scripted to allow you a mixture of gold, silver and dull black finishes. Each are a little aged, and you can mix and match the hues if you like.

Checking "advanced lighting model" is a good idea, as the shine is enhanced using materials.

Tinting mesh is a little different to tinting prims, as each object behaves as one prim. So instead of editing linked prims, you will need to use the "Select Face" button to choose the part you'd like to tint. There are several sections which are separate faces and so glow, shine and tinting can be tweaked independently.

These pieces are attached to the pelvis, and sit at belt height, as shown, however they are unrigged, which allows you to alter this. You may reattach these to different attachment points if needed, and adjust their position further using the edit menu. I have placed them at belt height, much in the style of "housekeepers keys" which held the keys and other small implements that such a person might use in their daily rounds. These accessories could help you dress for a variety of roles, from jailer to engineer to shopkeeper..and these are entirely unisex.

The callipers, scissors and keys are available separately, but just in case you want them all, at a discounted price, here they are.

You can link these to a favourite belt or other item, if it is also modifiable, and this would be a great way to customise your outfit and simplify your attachment point use.

Each piece has a LI of 1, so if you want to hang them from a wall-hook or use them as desk clutter, go for it.

I hope you invent some wonderful looks using these accessories!

If you wish to see more, or pick up a demo of these pieces ( I admit that the fitting may be tricky, as our outfits are all unique, and this will depend upon what you are wearing) just visit the Eclectica shop in Sinaburoe, or IM Tiffy Vella inworld with any queries.

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  • Unique mesh designs, by original designer.
  • Materials enhanced.
  • Low land impact per piece.
  • Free demo packs available inworld.
  • Friendly perms and removable scripts.

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