[FYI] Ghetto Sewer Skybox 30m x 30m S1 Versión 1.0.0

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A smaller 30m x 30m footprint grunged, abandoned sewer room for your skybox.

This skybox is a closed skybox.

A small part of an underground sewer system with just enough room for you to live. There's about 20m x 20m of livable space but the exterior uses a little more space.

This skybox has been abused and is just a filthy, nasty place in a dark, grungey area where no outside light can get in. Luckily, it still has electricity and working lights!

And, thanks to ultra-efficient mesh only design, it's just 10 prims!

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  • HDX Baked textures
  • Extremely low prim count
  • Grunged, dirty, abandoned textures with premium quality
  • Underground ghetto sewer skybox

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[FYI] Mesh Caves, Sewers, Tunnels, and Builder's Kits
[FYI] Mesh Caves, Sewers, Tunnels, and Builder's Kits
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Vendido por: Flea Yatsenko
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