[FYI] Mesh Terrain Builder's Kit

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A revolutionary new way to create ground! Create rolling hills, craters, valleys, mountains, canyons, and more! There's no limit to what you can do.

And unlike sculpties, you don't need any physics prims! The physics are included with the Terrain Kit pieces, and are 100% accurate to the ground. Just rez the pieces, put them near enough so they overlap, and you can walk over them. That's it! No invisible prims, floating in the air as you walk over the ground like with sculpties!

Pieces are UV mapped to minimized stretching. No longer do you have to settle for ground with sharp drops that have stretched textures.

This also lets you bypass the 4 texture per sim limit, as well as the height restrictions. This means that if you want a beach on top of a mountain on a lake, you can do it now! And it's not a flat prim, it'll actually have hills and rolling swoops and all sorts of great things.

Change the sizes of the hills by resizing the mesh ground up or down on the z-axis! You can make all of these pieces very hill or mountainous, or you can make them very flat and plain-like.

Pieces included are:
[FYI] 1 Flat Edge with Hill 1
[FYI] 1 Flat Edge with Hill 2
[FYI] 2 Flat Edges With Hill 1
[FYI] 2 Flat Edges With HIll 2
[FYI] Basin 01
[FYI] Basin 02
[FYI] Basin 03
[FYI] Cave Entrance 1
[FYI] Cave Entrance 2
[FYI] Cave Entrance 3
[FYI] Cave Entrance 4
[FYI] Cave Entrance 5
[FYI] Dip One Corner
[FYI] Dip Three Corners
[FYI] Dip Two Corners
[FYI] Dip Two Corners 2
[FYI] Flat Hills 01
[FYI] Flat Hills 02
[FYI] Flat Hills 03
[FYI] Flat Hills 04
[FYI] Flat Hills 05
[FYI] Hill Base 01
[FYI] Hill Base 02
[FYI] Hill Base 03
[FYI] Hill Base 04
[FYI] Hill Base 05
[FYI] Hill Base Corner 01
[FYI] Hill Base Corner 02
[FYI] Hill Base Corner 03
[FYI] Hill Example
[FYI] Hill Top 01
[FYI] Hill Top 02
[FYI] Hill Top 03
[FYI] Hill Top 04
[FYI] Hill Top 05
[FYI] Hill Top Corner 01
[FYI] Hill Top Corner 02

Be sure to come check it out in world.

When building with these pieces, make sure you overlap them. They are designed to overlap so the ground looks more natural and the physics engine requires it whether you're using Mesh or in world prims to prevent you from falling through the ground.

The Cave Entrance pieces are specially designed to fit with the FYI Mesh cave tunnel kits. The mesh cave tunnel kits are superior to work with and provide a much better building experience than the sculpty one.

Some of the pieces are higher land impact in this kit as some customers have requested higher detail pieces and land impact wasn't a concern for them. If you are buying this kit, understand that most of these pieces are lower prim, but there are a few that may reach as high as 20 land impact when at 64x64m.

Some of these pieces may also appear to be low poly and jagged. These pieces were designed to give the same polygon resolution as the default simulator ground. If you are unsatisified with the jaggedness of the pieces, you may shrink the pieces down and use more of them to give you higher resolution ground.

The pieces must be kept lower resolution like this as it's a requirement to have accurate physics. If pieces were higher poly, you would sink in the ground in some areas and float above the ground in others. These pieces contain 100% accurate physics that you can walk on with no problems. Because of this limitation, pieces may appear jagged. As mentioned before, if you are unsatisfied with how jagged these pieces are, you can shrink them down and use more of them. Land impact goes down the smaller pieces are, so it will not affect land impact as much and in some situations it may make it lower (but not all).

If you are dissatisfied with the product for any reason please contact me in world. There are tricks to using this kit effectively and good ways and bad ways to use it in certain situations. If you are having problems with the kit and it is not working like you think it should, please contact me. I want to help and make sure customers are satisfied with my products.

A copy/mod version is also available. By purchasing this item you agree to the FYI EULA for full perm objects.

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  • 38 Unique Shapes
  • Physics Included No need for physics prims, just rez and resize
  • 2-6 prim count per piece, at up to 64m x 64m
  • Create realistic land at any elevation, no more depending on simulator ground
  • Use high quality textures on land created with these prims.

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[FYI] Mesh Caves, Sewers, Tunnels, and Builder's Kits
[FYI] Mesh Caves, Sewers, Tunnels, and Builder's Kits
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