Dedalus Whip Versión 8.3

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R-evolutions Melee: ONLY 16KB RAM in 1 scripts (WITHOUT resize script), the most low CPU server cost;

What make GTS different?
- All commands WORK also in private channel. It is possibile to use the special Safety HUD with customs channels;
- The best perfomance in LAG,you can read this words in many different makers note but for us, this is the true;
- Great collision ability in the most critical LAG conditions;
- 2 different ARC 90/180 degrees;
- An extraordinary shooting precision;
- Zero drawing time in all situations;
- Custom sounds for Draw, Sheath and hit (3 hits sounds);
- Much more....

Fast Draw allow you to draw another weapon without sheathing your the one you had out.
Eg: Your bow is out but you want draw the sword? Simply draw your sword, the new weapon will sheath your bow. The weapons send a TEXT message in local chat (visible only to owner) with log of your DRAW and SHEATH. This log can be used if some one accuse you of dual wielding.

- Auto fire
- animations on/off
- simple TP hook integrated in bow and HUD
- Singularity mouselook button available
- Update function, call a new update if available and for some reason it not arrive
- Custom sounds, you can add your own sound and take a sound from one of our vendors in mainstore.
- Status, show the current settings for the weapon
- Arc settings, 90/180
- Soft Trigger engine with GAP feature
- Special HUD with many utility like Safety HUD and redelivery
- Ability to fight in mouselook only

Example of Status
Anim: 1 = animation (draw/wheath and stance) active (0 is off)
Range: 2.500000 = range of weapon
Speed: 0.550000 = delay of weapon
Hit: 1 = Hit report active (0 is off)
Autofire: 0 = autofire off (1 is on)
Autoshield: 1 = auto shield draw is on (0 is off)
AWSD: 1 = DCS2 compatibility mode is off (1 is on)
Trigger gap: 3 = Soft Trigger is on set on GAP 3 (0 is off)
Only mouselook: 0 = system work our mouselook, if you want it work only in mouselook you need to active (1 is on)
Arc 90: 0 = sword arc is 180 degrees, if you want put on 90 you need to active function (1 is on)

More info on our website:
news, FAQ, Forum, Support and MyGTS area with profiles, weapons list, redelivery and more.

GTS WEAPONS™, GTS DESIGN™ & Centipede Weapons™ are registered trademark
Owners: Tommy Burton & Tetsuia Kohime
© Copyright 2007 - 2015 - All rights reserved.
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  • Multi Weapons HUD with Fist Combat included
  • Redelivery System on HUD
  • Difensive and offensive stance
  • Web site with support and redelivery
  • Customizable Sounds

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