Gypsy Swinging Rope

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Hey George, watch out for that tree!

To setup this rope just rez it and move it into place and rotate it on the Z axis ( the blue circle )

To swing on this rope, just give it a left click with your mouse, and (in normal or return mode)
you will swing across.

Additionally the scripts in this rope are very smart and it is very configurable simply by editing
the linked parts and the description of the rope in the General tab of the edit window.


This swinging rope has 3 modes, to change to the different modes, just type the word
in the description field. These modes are as follows...

normal - The rope will stay on the other side after you swing across.
return - Tells the rope to return after you swing across.
swing - In 'swing' mode, you will swing back and forth until you jump off.

NOTE: The rope will be in normal mode if you leave the description blank, or mis-spell the mode.

NOTE: After making any changes to the description, be sure to swing the rope once for the
changes to take effect.


You can resize the rope to any length by editing the linked prims.
After you edit this, swing the rope across once and the scripts will adjust themselves accordantly.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The loop at the top must remain the root prim, and the non-flexi length of rope
must be the 2nd prim.


You can also adjust the angle and speed of the rope by editing the description.

This works in the following format...

The arc sets how many degrees the rope will swing, default is 90deg
speed sets how fast it swings, lower numbers are faster, default is 6

NOTE: Remember to swing your rope once for the changes to take effect.



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Not quite Copy Mod. Only Copy if you include the script
full star empty star empty star empty star empty star Publicado March 17, 2020 por Sharpy Fhang

The script to adjust the angle of the return is not modifiable, so the rope stops at about 70 degrees. It is a shame that the script cant be adjusted to start and stop at a shallower angle. Far too expensive for what it is.

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full star full star full star full star full star Publicado July 30, 2008 por Ceg McDonnell

A little more challenging to set up than Gypsy's other products, but worth it.

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