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Presenting the great god Anubis, a special edition mask by Illusions.

The jackal was a destructive scavenger of the dead, but through Anubis the Egyptians turned him into a more protective force. He would prepare the dead for their journey to the underworld to be judged by Osiris, and is often pictured either embalming or in the hall of judgement.

The skin shown is by Nomine, and can be found in her marketplace store under "Aether- Midnight"

This mask includes a male and female fit and a complimentary medallion. A demo is available at the store in Carnivale.

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  • Scripted to change texture on touch
  • Includes 12 stone colors (ruby, onyx, aquamarine, amethyst etc)
  • Offers 6 different metal accent colors
  • 12 different headdress options
  • Choose between 12 different accent colors for headpiece wings

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Publicado November 02, 2014 por Raphael2376 3 estrellas

The mask part is good quality.
The shoulder part is not though. It looks blurred, rather than crisp as is in the picture.
Also no alphas for the head, and no resize scripts, but it is mod so you can do it manually.

Only reason it got 3 stars is because of the price. If it was 500, maybe 600 ok, but at 950 & not even mesh, no alpha, no resizer & a blurry shoulder part, I cant give more than 3.

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The search is finally over!

Publicado July 24, 2011 por KineticPen 4 estrellas

I have been Anubis (kineticpen) since day one and have stuck with the proper appearance ever since. I've used many combinations to try and find the right look I wanted to portray. And even though I found some of decent quality they were either too scary or too cartoony. In my opinion the 'illusions' Anubis mask is the bes I've seen thus far on SL. It has a very divine, ominous, and noble look that fits the Egyptian god perfectly. The creator has found the right balance of presence and expression with this quality build. I was most pleased to see that the stock photo was pretty accurate to how the mask actually looks in game.

Furthermore, the head comes with many visual changing features. I especially like the metal choices for the eye of Ra pieces (and all other metal connected to them). You simply click the head and instantly change everything you see to fit your taste and color preference. At first I was a little wary of a thousand Lin mask, but its worth twice that much now that I own it!

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