~JJ~ SZYM Paladin 7 GFS Fuel Gauge HUD

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Thank you for choosing this exciting ~JJ~ product from ~Jeanette's Joint~ and for your participation in what we do! I hope you find this item to be very rewarding.

What's in this kit:

~JJ~ SZYM Paladin 7 GFS Fuel Gauge HUD

To use this HUD with your SZYM Paladin 7 you will need to set it up. Once you have rezzed the vehicle you want to use it with in-world (all Paladin 7 models will work) make sure the vehicle is off and no one is seated in/on it then do the following:

1. Add/Wear/Attach the Fuel Gauge HUD and edit it to the size and position you want it to be on-screen.

2. Touch the Relay button in the top-right corner of the HUD and accept the script that is delivered to you.

3. Open the vehicle's contents in Edit mode and drop the script into it. This can be but does not have to be the root prim.

4. Drive the vehicle and enjoy!

If the HUD does not synchronize with the vehicle right away then the vehicle may not send a fuel level message until the level of the fuel changes by a certain amount. Drive the vehicle around for a while and the HUD should begin tracking the fuel level. If you drive for a very very long time without a HUD synchronization then it is possible that the vehicle is not consuming fuel (infinite mode) or it may not be adhering to the standards of the GFS fuel system (possibly a mod that interferes with the HUD).

The default system of measurement used to display the remaining fuel level is the Imperial system (gallons). If you prefer to view the remaining fuel level in liters (metric) you can click anywhere on the HUD other than the Relay button. You can toggle between the two systems at any time.

Once the HUD is synchronized with your vehicle it will display the fuel level remaining in your vehicle's fuel tank as a number (gallons or liters) and as a dial position on the gauge's face. When the fuel level of your vehicle reaches a low enough point the Fuel Low light will be displayed in the lower-left corner. This indicator will switch off when enough fuel is added to the vehicle to exceed the low fuel threshold.

Note that your HUD will only work with one vehicle that *you own* at a time per region. In other words, if you let someone else drive a copy of your vehicle (or another GFS-equipped vehicle that *you own* that has the relay script added to it) the messages will interfere with each other and may not display the appropriate fuel level in your vehicle's fuel tank. It will work just fine if there are multiple vehicles using the HUD on the same region as long as the vehicle owners are different. It is also fine to drive a vehicle and have others on the region that are not being driven even if the relay script is installed in them.

If you have any trouble, questions or comments, please drop me a notecard (and not an IM as those can cap and get lost easily). I fully support this product, but it is still up to you to use it properly. Let me know if something doesn't work the way it should. ALWAYS make and use a backup of your item! If you get "creative" and mess it up, that's on you. Although I support the item contained in this kit, I do not support any products sold by other merchants. You will need to contact the creator if you need support for those.

Thank you again for your interest in this ~JJ~ product. Come by ~Jeanette's Joint~ for more excellent SL creations!

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I hope you love the ~JJ~ products as much as I loved creating them!


Jeanette Doobie

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  • Easy one-script install!
  • Synchronizes with the SZYM Paladin 7 GFS fuel system
  • Can display remaining fuel in gallons or liters
  • Low fuel indicator shows you when fuel level is risky
  • Dial shows fractional fuel level visually

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