Kerchiefs 4th edition FULL PERM SCULPT+SHADEMAPS

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Very realistic draped kerchief shapes.
Fitted perfectly around a female head, arms and torso.

Box contains:
-28 FULL PERM sculptmaps
-28 FULL PERM shademaps
-FULL PERM build of all kerchiefs

M&M Creations is the biggest merchant resource for all full permission sculptmaps.
M&M Creations is founded by Marcthur & 10 Goosson.
Our speciality is fashion and landscaping.
All our sculpmaps are original and crafted with care and precision to suit your benefits the best.
For the best texturing results we supply most of our sculpties with a baked shading texture.

Our customers are not only designers, we also supply builders and users who search for a wide variety of products.
All our sculptpacks have the full perm prim builds included, and of course a clear and simple manual. And if you want to know more we provide good customer support.
Feel free to join our group M&M Customer-Services to be updated on new releases.
All our boxes in world have examples of the product, just click the box to rez them.
So if you are looking for collars, hats, shawls, sleeves, alphabets, sunglasses, body drapes, ruffles, fashion shapes, buckles, waist bands, belts, hoodies, drapes, blankets, landscaping sculpties and much much more, you found the right place.
Every item on XStreet has its own SLURL to TP you directly to the right spot in our shop. [/b]

To see all products of Marcthur Goosson click here:

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(c) 2007, M&M; represented by Marcthur and 10 Goosson, All Rights Reserved
Buying this product you agree to the following according to the TOS of the online game Second Life, and the legislation about copyrights related to the Digital Millenium Copyright Act:
These items are only for private use. You may not, print, copy, distribute or disclose them to anyone neither as they are nor as a part of any file. You are authorized to take advantage of them only in order to create your own builds that you may sell/give away. The violation of this agreement at any way means a copyright infringement that could set your self under the risk of a prosecution and a DMCA take down notice.

Now in easy to understand terms..........

Do not sell these items in a biab (business in a box) or a RESELL SHOP or resell these as is.
These are for your builds or personal use and these are full perms so YOU can sell your own builds.
WE WILL FILE A DMCA on every resell shop or person who reselled this with or without this file.

We can track people right back using the INSPECT in the pie menu and will ISSUE takedowns.....

Now enjoy our great products.

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  • all full perm sculptmaps
  • all full perm baked shademaps
  • full perm complete build

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