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Welcome to Diana HEAD!!

Thanks for trusting our brand and thanks for your purchase.
This is our Second head and we have improved lot with Lots of new moods and expresions.
Also a delicious new mesh, with realistic voluptuous lips.

Here you can select SKIN tones from 3 creators, and shimmer. (thanks YSYS, /deadly and Avenge) (tintable)
Makeup's for eyes and lipsticks with shimmer and Blend option (tintable!)
Hair 5 hair base (tintable)
3 Lashes (tintable)
Tattoo 5 styles. Blushes, freckles... (tintable)
Teeth 4 styles and 4 tongue gums color.
Lachrymal ON OFF with 2 color
5 Neck size options
8 Eyes styles with Bump Shine Glossiness Intensity

5 SLOTS to save your configurations. *This slots will also work for appliers made with Vista own applier system,
Remember you can tint almost all from Tint screen!

Priority animation levels :

Moods p1
Expression anims p2
Expression static anims (for pictures) p3
Mouth static p2
Blinks p2
Static eyes P2
Talk p4
Test stand p3 (is just a full bento stand test, is not an AO!)


Remember you can combine fixed mouth and or eyes positions with Moods and/or with expression anims.
You can also select the repeat time for the "expression" animations using settings, anim time.
You can select several moods at same time to create a cycle between them, and combine them with experesions.
You can tint almost all parts from the head. Tattoos, hairbases, lashes etc...

Info about skins available:
-At the moment we have skins from our 3 parthners (included in the HUD and on sale apart) YS&YS, Avenge and 7 Deadly skins.
-Also Itgirls, Wow, Insol and sensations has relised compatible skins.
-The head is Omega (purchase omega relay).
-Creators that confirmed us that are developing skins are: Detaleez, Egozy, Baddies, Lure, Pumec

Pls send us your feedbacks via note card to Vista Barnes! enjoy!


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  • Full bento mocap animations

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One of the Best Buys I've Ever Made

Publicado August 25, 2020 por Baiwa 5 estrellas

I'm very particular when spending money on my avi since I don't want to waste any. I'd been looking at upgrading to a bento head for a long time for my personal photography, but I couldn't really find one that I liked without spending linden out the wazoo for the head and decent animations and and and.... At least not until I found Vista. It's a very affordable head with a lot of good facial animations, as well as several options to customize your face. I will agree that matching skin tones can be a bit of a pain, especially if you have limited skins in your inventory but other than that, this is a wonderful, inexpensive head that's far better than my mesh Catwa Jessica. I would highly recommend this head to anyone on a budget looking to upgrade to bento.

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Publicado May 02, 2019 por oXQuinnXo Dexler 5 estrellas

Such a wonderful head. I'm still working on the skin but what i have so far is a amazing. Again thank you.

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