MD Group Gift Giver Script Versión 3.4.5

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MD Group Gift Giver Script - product overview

I. this product is SCRIPT ONLY. You'll have to place it in your group board in order to have it working.
II. DEMO version is available for try before buy.
III. complete user manual:
IV. MP prices differ from in-world

MD Group Gift Giver Script is the perfect script for your gift boards: quick, efficient and robust lets you setup a gift giver board within a few clicks.

This script is so flexible and packed with options that can be used for a wide range of scenarios. Combining all the options, you’ll be able to get exactly the right solution to your needs. This script is especially designed fo store owners, whom wants to let customer gift their products.

Here’s a list of the features coming with this great script:
- Easy setup: drop the script along with the group gift and click to configure.
- Group only mode: while the standard behavior is to let only members of a specific group get your gifts, you can disable this option and let everyone get your gift for free.
- MD Labs Online Services: a dedicated website to track group gift givers, with dozen of detailed statistics. View your giver’s transactions, toggle your givers’s status, rename, delete, reset & more from the web interface.
- Reserve gift: reserve gifts only to specific avatars (up to 10 avatars).
- Manager: add avatars able to control the group gift giver (up to 5 avatars).
- Blacklist: prevent specific avatars to get the gifts (up to 10 avatars).
- Auto backup&restore of reserve gift list, managers, blacklist.
- Gift limit: define a maximum number of available gifts to be given.
- Avatar age, define a maximum age (in days) and allow only avatars beyond that age to get the gifts
- One item per avatar: activating this option you’ll be sure that your customers will get the gift only once.
- Single/Multiple edit: settings can be changed on a single board or on all the boards in the same region at the same time.
- Owner menu: a specific owner menu, accessible by simple clicking the board, lets you configure your MD Group Giver Script and gives you useful statistics, such as the giver counter and the operation mode.
- Free product updates: you will get MD Group Giver Script updates for free.
- Easy to use and low lag script, designed to let you use a wide number of boards without having impact on your region/sim.

Key features:
- Quick and easy setup, with owner menu.
- Group only mode, gift limit, one gift per avatar.
- Reserve gifts to avatar list and blacklist.
- Avatar age filter, give no-copy items
- Free updates

Item details:
- 0 prim.
- no mod
- yes copy
- no transf

- Full and lifetime support is provided, IM resident Mattia Delwood
2019 MD Labs



  • Quick and easy setup, with owner menu.
  • Group only mode, gift limit, one gift per avatar.
  • Reserve gifts to avatar list and blacklist.
  • Avatar age filter, give no-copy items
  • Free updates

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very poor customer service

Publicado April 18, 2020 por Sweet Valentine 1 estrella

i bought this script and was using it but i added a name that i should not of added on the black list...i tried to remove the name using the menu buttons and it gave me back a script error about dialog button must have 12 characters or less..i contacted the creator and he was great at first and said it was a bad error and he would fix it...he contacted me back a few days later and said he was working on it and i said ty giving him time to figure it out... i wasnt pushing him and expected he would contact me when it was done...over 2 weeks later i contact him back today to check on progress and touch bases with him and he said i never contacted him back.... i showed him the messages and then said i never contacted him when i did ...he then started to be rude with me when i was explaining what was happening at his request ...he treated me as if i didnt know what a script does not the best scripter but i do understand where errors happen i am not happy with his customer service and how he treats a customer asking for help...i gave him ample time over 2 weeks to get back with me on the issue and he didnt...he told me to to tell him how to do his job when i simply suggested it would be easier to edit the blacklist via a notecard...he was offensive to me and so i asked for a refund which he refused...he sent a new script which i am not going to bother to try now after the way he treated me i will find a new creator...i will not purchase from this merchant again....many folks have warned me against his product and now i understand why...the customer service sucks

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great system

Publicado November 18, 2019 por Grimwar 5 estrellas

I love the whole MD system. In particular for group gifts I love that I have a log of who has gotten them and that they can get redelivery

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