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Groundbreaking new sailboat from Motor Loon's workshop.

With focus on visual details, handling and lowimpact scripting MLCC is proud to present the OCEANIC.

This fully working boat is packed with detail work, and there's no standard building parts used - everything is custom made. You'll find it easy to sail, using the simple B-wind system - you can focus on adjusting the mainsail to the wind and everything else is just about enjoying the ride.

A unique pose system was written for this boat, it allows you to remain sitting while sailing - but still be able to change to any pose of the ship. This goes for every passenger it carries, and we've sailed it with 17 passengers at once. The benefit of the system is of course that you often find yourself sailing in water where you don't have rez rights and autoreturn is active - so standing up while underway would have caused your boat to be returned to you.

Boat is no-mod, but - comes with a retexturing system so you can apply your own personal look. Any prim of the boat can be retextured, and it even comes with 4 different "looks" built-in from the factory.

Other cool details are e.g. the working folding-screw, working animated anchor, deployable fenders for docking and a WALK-IN cabin, fully loaded with furniture and even a bathroom. No extra rezzing is needed, no attachments needed to be worn, no HUD's needed for sailing. Everything is ready to go as you rez the 32prim boat!

Note that a free demo version is available.

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  • High detail / lowprim
  • B-wind sailengine based
  • Lowimpact scripting = better simcrossings
  • Motor Loon well known for quality products
  • Carries MANY passengers (15+)

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Publicado April 19, 2012 por Micky Lancaster 5 estrellas

I cannot more highly praise this yacht from MLCC. It is truly magnificent. The builder has thought of everything, with nice little touches, such as internal lighting and anchor operation.
What makes this yacht so different from all the others is the sheer detail and only 32 prims!.
To have such quality with such a low prim count is a great achievement and sets the benchmark for all the other boat builders in SL. I highly recommend to anyone even thinking of buying a boat is to look at this one first. You will not be disappointed, I assure you.
I hope, that this is only a first in MLCC production of watercraft and that other types will follow,
such as a large power boat, with living accom' and maybe even a nice houseboat, which would be a good seller in SL, especially if, in all cases the models can be kept to the 32 prim totals.

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Publicado April 13, 2012 por LoganWillow 5 estrellas

Truly a work of art! Easy to sail. One of my Favorite sailboats.

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