Mauve Anime Head & Body Versión A2-0

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Anime head with optional separate body!
Simple starter outfit, hair and customization tools. Below is the full list.

Ideal for your first Anime avatar and a painless start in Second Life.
Wear outfits you own already. No risk if you change to different bodies later.
Use only the head or only the body if you want.

Accounts under 100 days old get a 50% discount! See the included notecard for details.

Visit for more info.

1. Body
2. Head
3. Body HUD
4. Head HUD
5. Contents
6. Creator Support

1. Body

Compatible with most fashion items for standard sizes and other popular bodies. The body was tweaked for best compatibility without sacrificing its own non-realistic Anime style.

Use appearance sliders ("fitted mesh"), body physics and Bento.

Carefully hand-made LOD models make you look nice even on low graphics settings while keeping your complexity low (without cheating the system).

- Not destroying your skeleton = no viewer restart
- No randomly deformed feet or shoulders, flying shoes, etc.
- No hacky, laggy scripts that keep your shape in place

2. Head

Choose any hairstyle. The shape is compatible with popular hair and head parts can be hidden with the HUD. Use an optional layer for hairbases, tattoos, shaves, etc.

Unrigged for the Anime look and comical expressions. Move and resize independently of your hair or body. Smooth neck seam.
Works with eye textures made for Kemono, M3, etc.

3. Body HUD

- 52 front alpha parts for hiding
- 12 back alpha parts for hiding
- 13 front alpha groups
- 3 back alpha groups

4. Head HUD

- 5 Eyebrow expressions plus no-eyebrow for each side
- 6 Eye expressions for each side
- 6 Comical eye expressions for each side
- 4 Pupil sizes for each size
- 10 Mouth expressions with different talk animations for each setting
- Option to disable talk animations if you have an attachment at your mouth
- Tears, sweat, anger vein, sweat drop effects (can be combined with blush)
- 3 blush & 1 shocked effect
- Optional hairbase layer
- Ears on & off
- 8 alpha parts to hide head parts for best hair compatibility
- Fang on & off for each side
- Integrated applier for custom eyebrows, eyes, eyelashes, skin, hairbase, eye effects, blush effects and tear effects
- Option to move eyes in sync or look in different directions
- 4 Eye movement speeds
- 4 Eye blink speeds
- 4 Talk speeds

5. Contents

- Manual & Info
- Noob Discount Info
- Updating How-to

Copy & Mod:
- Head
- Body
- Geta (Left & Right)
- Hair
- Shirt
- Shorts

- HUD Head
- HUD Body
- Update & Redelivery Device

- Avatar Alpha
- Body Physics
- Eye Applier Example HUD
- Example Applier Script
- Mauve Shape

Full-Perm Textures*:
- 6 Body Skins (5 Colors & 1 Swimsuit Tan)
- 5 Head Skins
- 8 Head Effects
- 8 Eyes
- Eyebrow
- Eyelashes
- 2 Hairbases
- Skull Hair (Pink & Grey)
- Skull Shirt
- Skull Shorts
* Use as-is or export for editing

6. Creator Support

- Hassle-free access to developer kits and support.
- No additional costs or 3rd party service.
- No unofficial tool distribution that gives some creators an unfair advantage.
- Avoiding constantly breaking changes.
- Free and documented command interfaces for head & body extensions like HUDs, appliers, gadgets, toys, object or system interactivity, chat or gesture controls, etc. (see website)



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Cool Anime Body!

Publicado March 12, 2020 por RikaMatsuki 5 estrellas

This is a body that they presumably say is for beginners in the Anime avatar, but with knowledge of editions, you can do great things with this full body, fully customize everything with all the permissions, so I think it is also highly recommended for those who already He has experience in SL if you want a completely modifiable Anime body, it already looks very nice and beautiful, it is a great job, the face has very typical gestures in funny anime and when you speak it is a great detail that moves the mouth and It blinks the eyes, it looks very cute and easy to configure.

The only bad thing that can be considered, is the HUD of the body's alpha, it does not seem to work very well but it is not an excessively important problem, everything has its solution.

I love this body it will be good to experience my editing skills and personify my appearance, the bodies that are in fashion are not always the best option, since these normally limit your modification a lot, forcing you to go to specific manufacturers, this body provides the livertadde to personify freely without limits.

Arigato, great work, recommended!

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Publicado March 17, 2018 por Tinkerbell Placebo 5 estrellas

I Love this avatar. I hope the creator makes more outfits for it and a PG addition would be nice.

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