MetaHarpers Choreo HUD (Dancer Edition) Versión 4.1.16

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NEW IN VERSION 4 (May 2019): More adjustments to fine tune display for your screen resolution, fast mode buttons, looping, sequence recorder, sequence player uses less screen space! As always updates are FREE!

Note: Animations shown in demonstration pictures are not included.

MST Choreo HUD Dance Edition

Brought to you by MetaHarpers of Second Life, creators of the popular "MST Show Tools" for automating SL performances, MST Choreo HUD is a great way to get your avatar dancing, along with your friends, up to an entire region of fellow dancers!

MST Choreo HUD is a superior tool for people with a lot of animations, dance leaders, event hosts, and choreographers.


You can quickly explore your animations and create animation sequences. If you’ve used other freestyle dance HUDs in the past, we believe you’ll be blown away by its ease of use and unique fast performance, even in crowded and challenging scenarios where other tools fail.

- Allows you to browse, search, cache, navigate, and play thousands of animations.

- Invites up to 80 avatars in the same regions at once to animate with you.

- Quickly creates sequences of animations that can be saved and played back later.


The MST Choreo HUD has been battle tested at a variety of filled-region popular venues and events. Among the reliability features are:

- Smart Invite Scheduling. No matter how many avatars you invite at once, the MST choreo hud insures your invites do not exceed sim limits and get lost.

- Comprehensive Invite Radar. Scan any amount of avatars at any distance within your region, easily see who has already been invited.

- Crash Protection. Your animation invites will stay valid and operational even if you crash.

- Fast animation search and browsing, even with thousands of animations loaded.

- Quick and responsive display

- Update mechanism with rapid animation copy.

- MetaHarper SmartScript technology! This HUD automatically turns its own scripts off and on depending on how you are using it. If you are animating 80 avatars, no problem! If you are animating just a handful of friends, most scripts will automatically be disabled for the highest possible performance of your hud and your region.


For more information see online documentation at:

Ver el artículo en Second Life ®



  • Quickly Browse and Play thousands of Animations!
  • Invite up to 80 friends to dance with you!
  • Create, save, and play animation sequences!
  • Quick, reliable performance even in full and busy regions!
  • Gobs of extra high end features, see online doc feature page.

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Loveee this Choreo and Dance Hud - it's simply the best out there!

Publicado January 21, 2019 por Jenna Dirval 5 estrellas

I've been an SL dancer and choreographer in world for years and have been using Metaharper Show tools exclusively for most of it and love them all. However, I want to talk about their Choreo Hud. It is everything I want in a choreo hud! Sequencing and editing a dance is a snap; I love that I can start in the middle of a sequence to "tweak" a specific animation and I don't have to play the whole sequence from the beginning. Whether you're dancing a friend are a large crowd (I frequently have over 60 people on it at a time) it will quickly tab through more than 1,000 animations that I have loaded in seconds even in very laggy situations. It has dancer slots up to 79 that automatically turn on and off based on need (no more loading extra dance slots and realizing you didn't load enough)! It also tells you that you are missing an animation as it loads a sequence and BEFORE you run it (not during). This hud is so thoroughly thought out, it's easy to use, lightning fast, efficient and very reliable. It doesn't matter if you're dancing for fun or for performances - you're simply going to love this hud!

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Publicado January 21, 2019 por Meegan Danitz 5 estrellas

I can't say enough good things about this dance hud. It is the fastest, most reliable dance hud I have ever used. It also includes the ability to transfer animations at the click of a button reducing the time to load from 90 minutes to 6 minutes (I have over 2,600 animations in it)! I own a very busy live music venue where we often have 50-70 people and have had events where there were closet to 100 in attendance. I regularly have 20-40 people on the hud and as I mentioned before, I have an animation addiction. It is incredibly responsive, fast and reliable even in the most difficult conditions. This hud makes me look good (and our audience)!

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