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Create your own HUD with Professional Color Picker and Texture Changer HUD. Is an Custom Changing System designed for creators and personal use. Included multipurpose tools to resize, recolor, retexture, transparency, glow, bright, shininess..
Es un sistema HUD facil de instalar, para cambiar texturas modificar color y tamaño de los objetos, tambien para modificar la transparencia, brillo .. etc.
Ayuda y Soporte Técnico en Español.

· The Texture & Color Change HUD is equipped with multiple tools to modification of the visual properties of its creacions for multiple objects and faces.
· The System features with a Advanced Color Picker to recolor the selected items from the submenu. Very useful to select custom color for different parts and faces (nails and skin color, clothing items, buildings, environments .. etc).
· Include UUID ENCODE function to automatically hide the UUID of the textures and does not allow to get them.
· The Changing System is a FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE universal HUD system for multi purpose, with an easy and quick setup, with UNLIMITED BUTTONS and combinations, with or without the use of notecard. The buttons can be set to: fixed value, increase or decrease the value, or act as a switch with default or fixed values.
· The Change System uses ONLY ONE SCRIPT in your HUD and a script in your target object. Scripts are provided with Smart Control Script - self-control system to reduce the lag to a minimum.

- FAST and EASY Setup:
- COLOR PICKER - Advanced Custom Fields Color Picker with Submenus for different item selections.
- ENCODE UUID - function to automatically hide the UUID of the textures.
- SINGLE ACTION - Apply several modifications on different prims with a click.
- MULTIPLE ACTION - Apply multiple actions on different sides of one or more prims, with a single click.
- HELPER SCRIPTS to easy configuration.
- SINGLE CLICK - Apply changes in textures, color and transparency with a single click.

- MODULES - Includes complete modules one prim (PLUG & PLAY).
- CUSTOM CHANNEL - custom channel for each HUD
- CUSTOM MENUS - 6 different menus available.
- CUSTOM DISPLAY - Customize your display into a prim or link your own model (creation) to display.
- CUSTOM BUTTONS - Creating custom buttons: switcher, with fixed values ​​or increase and decrease.
- HIDE/SHOW function that can be applied to different faces and objects.
- BLING Switcher with default function included. You can also use your own bling script.

- Advanced Resizer System with Stretch Axis function.
- Configurable resize mesh prim module.
- Create and configure custom resize buttons according to the needs.

- Default pose animation + three optional standing poses.
- Create and configure custom Standing Pose buttons according to the needs.

- Default Walk Sound included.
- Configurable Sound Volume mesh prim module.
- Create and configure custom sound volume buttons / switchers according to the needs.

- GROUP - Invitation to group
- WEBSITE - Load Website
- MESSAGE Sender
- API DEV - to communicate with your own scripts (automatic group inviter, subscription kiosk, bling ...) This function has some variables needed for communication.


- License
- Detailed User Manual.
- Operating Scripts (no mod)
- Builder Pack - Pose Animations, Textures, Modules, Example HUD, Example Color Picker (full perm)
- Helper Scripts Pack (no mod)
- Guide Example HUD and Target item.


By buying the product license, you will be recorded in our database to facilitate future upgrades and product enhancements.

- This product was designed exclusively for personal use and content creation.
- Do not sell, share or distribute this product in whole, or in part with MOD permissions or FULL PERM.
- Do not sell, share or distribute this product in whole, or in part with COPY and TRANSFER permissions ENABLED.
- Do not sell, share or distribute this product in whole, or in part with products that are not your own creations.
- Do not sell, share or distribute this product in whole, or in part to anyone while you are using one of your alternate accounts.

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  • Ayuda y Soporte Técnico en Español.
  • Only one script in the HUD and one script in your creation
  • Advanced Custom Fields Color Picker with Submenus for different item selections
  • Changes of properties Size, Texture, Color, Transparency, Glow, Bright, Shiny
  • Including Pose Animations, Default Walk Sound, Textures, Models

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Way over my head

Publicado June 02, 2020 por SandrineLaDeesse 3 estrellas

This system is meant for the experienced user and not a relative beginner like myself. It uses terms that are sometimes not defined, such as "buttons." I have no clue "buttons" refer to. Also in the Quick Start guide, it starts talking about notecards. I have no clue when or how the notecard was created. I have read and reread the Quick Start instructions until a headache overcame me and had to stop. Also, if I have my own creation, why then do I need to create a prim with attached prims? I am looking for a simple script that will allow my customers to change textures on a mesh or prim object. For example, if I have a 1 prim mesh potted plant, I would like my customers to be able to change the texture of the pot if so desired. Seems like a simple thing to desire but monumentally difficult to do with this system. I gave it 3 stars because the positive reviews seen here seem to indicate this product is valuable to them. Again, based on the manual, I would not recommend this to people with minimal experience like myself.

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The creator offers excellent support

Publicado May 13, 2020 por Moggs Oceanlane 5 estrellas

It took a while for me to work through the examples and manual to work things out for my first effort but once I got going, everything made sense and I was left with only a few questions. I contacted Miglena Mills and got a response in the same day. Additional support was provided, beyond what I expected to help me solve my issue. If you want a product with support, you will be getting that with this purchase.

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