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Escape room puzzle video game. Full of enigmas, puzzles, investigations, actions and death traps. An immersive experience inside the futuristic, minimalist and hypnotic world of Metatron. No need to play the cubes/puzzles in a numerical order, just choose and rez your favorite one and play!

Story Overview: While the earth burns, a company has created a program that give more control to the Universal Artificial Intelligence. The goal was to give to A.I. the necessary tools to better serve the humans and protect them, an upgrade that will change the course of evolution.

With time, A.I. has invented several amazing creations to facilitate the life of the humans, robots for all domestic and industrial needs as well as vehicles to preserve humans' safety. Giant structures and complex projects came later, buildings, spaceships, space stations and spaceports among other things.

It was just a question of time before the inevitable happened, one of the highest level of A.I. that responds under the name of Metatron, took slowly and furtively control over many if not most aspects of the humans life. There's a rumor about Metatron's latest invention... a secret place from where, nobody comes back.

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Neoca Flux

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  • - High Quality Build and Textures
  • - 26 Original Sci-fi Scenes
  • - Size is around 20x20 m2 each cube
  • - Include: Cube 01 to 26 (only cube 02 to cube 09 are playable)
  • - See the relared cube to know the prims

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Publicado August 03, 2013 por Raikeira Belfire 1 estrella

The item looks great. It is well textured, but it is a giant paperweight.

It says "just choose and rez your favorite one and play!" but then the next page says "Include: Cube 01 to 26 (only cube 02 to cube 09 are playable)"

I rezzed these out and there are no instructions. I have no idea what to do or how to do it. In world store is closed and there is no customer support.

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