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This handy little device is the most precise scripted avatar height measuring tool available today.

Due to an old bug, the outdated freebie height detectors are giving wrong results - usually much lower values than your avatar's actual height, and almost every viewer's appearance editor is giving totally different values.
The only precise measuring tool today is a proportionally scaled pole - like this one - with a scripted indicator to help reading your height. (You can clearly see your avatar's actual height if you stand next to this pole - and you can compare this value to the scripted indicator's result. Our goal is to keep the two numbers as close as possible by a script.)

This product is a 250 cm high wooden meter pole to show your avatar's height in standard international centimeters and British imperial units (feet & inches) - counting your shoes. It also remarks if someone's avatar is unnaturally tall for being a human.

Everybody knows the typical children's illness of newbies: the "Ogre Stature Disease" - so I have decided to give this away as a freebie to help everyone making nice and more realistic avatars.
Please feel free to take our gift - use it, or even throw it away and write a bad review if you woke up in a bad mood. :)

- Menu driven operation
- Average height of users
- Visual height indicator
- Custom, lag-free script
- Custom textures
- Free (not for resale!)

The Golden Oriole
Antiques & Curiosities

*** Many thanks to Frau Jo Yardley and the 1920's Berlin Project's community for testing this product!



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A little less accurate but great presentation

Publicado March 17, 2013 por Penny Patton 4 estrellas

When using a manually measured 172.2cm tall shape this ruler says I am 176cm. There are other rulers which are closer, but your mileage may vary depending on how short or tall you are. The other one gets less accurate with taller avatars, this one gets less accurate with shorter avatars.

Both are far more accurate than the official viewer's appearance editor, or AgentSize based scripts which are off by more than 16cm (more than half a foot)!

In the end, manually measuring your avatar using a pose stand and a prim is the only way to get a 100% accurate measurement, but this is a great tool for people to instantly see the size of their avatar and many SL users may be surprised given that the average avatar is well over 2 metres tall! Some are pushing 2.75m tall and that's before you get into the prim/mesh based mythical creatures, this is just "normal" human avatars.

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does what it says on the tin

Publicado January 31, 2013 por khee44 5 estrellas

Grabbed this to show a friend who keeps calling me tiny and refused to believe my avatar is more than 6 feet tall. It says I'm 195cm (6'5") which is exactly what Firestorm's shape editor also says. That's good enough for me. My giant friend turned out to be 7'10". :)

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