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There are 4 modes of how to use this product. 3 as a HUD, and 1 by placing its software into an object of your choosing.

1. HUD - SILENT mode (normal white and no tint) - It keeps a list of who is on your parcel now, and the total who has been there since you began this HUD this time
2. HUD-INFORM mode (green tint) - The HUD software will inform you of new people arriving, or people returning after leaving during this session
3. HUD-AUTO GREET mode (red tint) - The HUD will inform you of who comes in, but also say in Chat a welcome that you have some options to modify
4. OBJECT MODE (note, may also be tinted by the software, unless you hide the object or make the object invisible) - You can put the software into an object of your choice, with a name of your choice, and it will give you the same 3 options as above.

LIMITATIONS - It works on your continuous parcel of land. That means that if you have multiple areas that people can go, such as skyboxes, you will be told of any and all entrances, regardless of on which one this hud or object is currently. If your parcel has multiple public entrances far apart, this product may not be good for you. This product works best if the public area of a continuous parcel is the same closeby event, such as a dance floor. Of course, if one uses "Inform" rather than "Auto Greet" - the person can always decide whether or not to greet and this might become less of an issue.

It gives two lines of information to the owner of the HUD, such as:

SENSOR 134: SENSOR: Welcome ღ Ronni ღ , rhunter.larsen
SENSOR 134: Welcome ღ Ronni ღ

First of all, these items, if mode is set to "Inform," only gives this information to the HUD owner, and the others around you will not hear it. And you can set the name of the HUD object such that you recognize it is the HUD talking to you, as shown in the above. The first line is the preferred nickname of the person, followed by the legacy name. The second line responds to options you have set up for a desired greeting, when you do decide to greet the person, such as choice of "Welcome," or "Hello," or "Hello and Welcome" and then also whether to use the preferred nickname the person has chosen or their legacy name. These are menu options that you can see if you left click the HUD for a menu.

What if Legacy Name and Nickname the same?

Hello and Welcome PattiAnne , pattianne
Hello and Welcome pattianne

What if the person was here before and returning?
regardless of welcome option, it is ALWAYS "Welcome Back"

Welcome Back PattiAnne , pattianne
Welcome Back PattiAnne


You can choose to:
* Ignore the messages of those coming in
* Write a new welcome based on the information given you
* Highlight and copy some of the text, without the Sensor name of course, such as just: "Welcome Jane Smith" and then paste it into the chat channel. For windows computers, after you highlight the portion you wish to copy, use "ctrl c" as one approach that works. Then put your cursor in the send area for the chat channel and use "ctrl v" to paste what you just copied. Now at the end of the line, just hit "enter" to send the welcome into the chat channel.


In Auto greet mode, you as owner would still get the first line of information, sent only to you. However, the second line with options for greeting and usage of nickname or legacy name, will just send the information out in chat per the options set.


Left click the HUD or object the software is in any time to get the menu.

You can also choose to see the list of people on the parcel now, or also the people who have been here since the last time the HUD or object was rezzed and the software reset.

More In the Instructions
* Yes you can position the HUD on your screen
* Yes you can rename it to something more like your own name for auto greet
* Yes it can start with defaults. I myself, just use the defaults

Hope you enjoy!

Hunter Bronet and OnP Team at Owl and Pussycat



  • Use it to simply log visitors
  • Or use it to inform you when a visitor arrives
  • Or use it to give an auto greeting in the chat channel
  • Or place the software into an object of your choosing
  • Hud Changes colors to indicate its mode in usage

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It Works But...

Publicado May 13, 2017 por frostwing Xevion 4 estrellas

It works as described, but for me, the range is a bit too short. I got this for hosting but it only detects avis within 20m, if im not mistaken. If there was an option to adjust the range AND set up custom greeting messages and not just the 'Welcome' or 'Hello Welcome', this would be perfect! It comes in white text, you can rename the HUD too.

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