OnP Mesh Camisk or Dress Versión 007

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OnP Mesh Camisks or Dress

Please try the Demos before buying. While there are 7 sizes of classic mesh for this camisk or dress, they may not fit everyone as well as they fit our models. Note: panties are not included - just the camisk / dress.

General: Yes, these items are mesh. They are what are called "classic mesh" meaning that they are "rigged" to go to a certain place on the avatar body, and cannot be adjusted, but should adjust to height and some more items.

Camisks start as an idea for a very simple clothing for ladies. There is a hole in the cloth for the head to go through, and then part of the cloth goes down the front of the lady and the other half in back, and then tied with a sash. This product can do that for simple camisks, but also offers other textures for more fashionable camisks, or even usage as a normal dress.

It is always best to right click an item in inventory to wear and then use "add" instead of wear. The reason is that "add" allows more than one item at an attachment point, where some other techniques will remove the item that was there in order to attach the new one. So, using "add" is simply safer, and it seems, always safe. To remove an item that is there, you can right click it in inventory and choose "detach." In some cases, you could use your mouse to select the clothes item on your avatar and press "detach" if you can highlight it. Sometimes it seems we can do that, and sometimes SL does not seem to want to highlight worn mesh clothes.

USING THE HUD - for texture, color, transparency change

The secret to using the Hud is to set the left side of the center column, "Face", first before changing texture, color tint or transparency. The left side is the narrow column that tells "what" to modify - "ALL" or "neck 1" or other.

HUD - for texture, color, transparency change
* Always begin with selecting the "face" = "ALL" itself to be modified first, since some items on the top cannot be reached separately. Select "ALL" then the starting texture, color and if you wish transparency
* It is often best after deciding on "Face" to then set texture next - since texture may also modify the color to white and change the transparency. After texture, feel free to modify color and or transparency.
* Where is the Camisk? If you desire a camisk look rather than a dress, click "camisk" and then set it to 100% transparency, and it will make the non camisk areas open leaving a camisk effect. Note that you might want to also modify the belt area to rope or shiny or something to go with this effect.
* Neckline: Want it more open? choose face: "neck 1" and set transparency to 100% to open up a more showy neckline. Doing this after neck 1 to neck 2 opens more, and doing this after neck 1 and neck 2 to neck 3 still more.
* Note that another option for neckline might be to set it to lace and a bit of transparency
* Tummy? Set face: "tummy" to 100% transparency to open that area. Of course this also could be set to lace for a different effect

SHAPE for best fit
In our photos, we may have shown usage with a number of mesh avatar types. Whether or not our photos show it all, we generally check our products on Maitreya, Belleza Venus, Tonic Curvy Body, Tonic Natural Beauty, Slink Physique, Slink Hourglass, eBody, TMP. But a person could also ask, what shape was used by the models? We enclosed a shape for your usage that you can modify. Some values for shapes of our models follow next in this same paragraph. We admit we designed for a flattering young (or young at heart) female also with a trim body. And so, shape breasts were set to buoyant, and belly was set to 0%, and love handles and saddle bags were set to low values. The all-important breast and bust areas on the models were an average 50%, however less should also work, and "more" might also work particularly if you are willing to use larger sizes - but to an extent, sometimes the same clothing size. As for height, we set that to an average 50%, but it seems both height and body thickness ("thickness" as in the first top section of shape change) can vary with no problems, at least in our tests. So, make your shape as tall as you wish.

Hope you Enjoy

Hunter Bronet for OnP Owl and Pussycat in TIssela and on SL Marketplace.



  • 7 sizes of classic mesh
  • HUD to control cutouts, texture, color, transparency
  • Use as dress or as camisk
  • textures for nicer looking camisk materials as well

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