OnP Parrot, talking

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Yes, a very colorful talking parrot with stand (perch) and yet only takes up 3 prims! We use custom textures on a custom complex sculptured prim to deliver super detail without the prim cost.

The parrot talks in two different ways. The first is on all of the time. If anyone left clicks the parrot, the parrot will say any of a number of pre-stored parrot messages. The second means of talking can be shut off or on by the owner. The second method of talking is that after a brief squawking, the parrot will repeat what is said in local (normal sl channel conversation).

Since even normal conversation that is said in local can be 20m away, the parrot would have to be placed well in order to be fun and this second type of talking not be bothersome. If that is impossible, either always or at times, the owner can also left click the parrot. As before with any user the parrot will have a remark. But if the owner is the one doing the left clicking - the owner will also get a menu that lets the owner decide "On Repeat", or "Off Repeat" or "Ignore" where ignore means just put the menu away. In this manner, the owner can selectively turn on the parrot talk repeat function or turn it off.

Fun, and complex sculptured technology with custom coloring make this a great parrot at a reasonable price.

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  • Only 3 prims
  • Optional - repeats what is said, 20m range
  • Owner can shut off repeat
  • Left Click it to hear it say different things
  • Colorful sculptured prim parrot with custom colors

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