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After well over half a year of development, the V1.0 Dvalinn Deer is finally complete!

Current version is 1.05

We are proud to present the Dvalinn in his finalized form - sporting full Bento support powered by around 130 different animations, as well as tons of small features and variations that really bring this character to life.

Standing a full 40% larger than the average SL avatar, this gorgeously hand-painted stag will be certain to make you stick out from the crowd.

The full changelog would be a bit too big to put here, but the notable functionality and feature list is as follows;

- Full Bento support; use the HUD to customize your face, pose your hands, stick out your tongue, or enable idle hand/ear animations - 130~ animations in total!
- Four skin variations, as well as support for adding in third-party reskin mods
- Complex alpha masking menus, making the avatar easy to mod and work with without having to unlink parts or use the build menu
- Access to the raw .blend and .psd files, making complex modding a breeze!
- Two tail versions
- Four antler versions
- Fifteen hand poses!
- Countless minor bugfixes, tweaks, and modelling/texturing upgrades!

If you discover any bugs or issues in this update, please contact Epicgordon Broome.

The update is free, and if you failed to receive yours, a redelivery can be picked up from Yggdrasil.

Texture .PSD's can be grabbed from http://orangenonsense.tumblr.com/post/129022473475/orange-nova-avatar-resources

We hope you enjoy this avatar, and if you do, please let us know in the reviews!

- Kampfisken



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Awesome Avatar Waiting on a Dummy!!

Publicado October 30, 2016 por KurisuchanSan 5 estrellas

I love this avatar so much I want to make skins and clothing I have requested the creator to pass over a dummy so I can begin creating I give 5 stars because of how unique original it is and I love the design built of it especially the muscle tone best I have seen on a furry in a long while I must say I enjoy wearing it and I do hope I can create allot for it thanks Orange Nova for wonderful masterpiece! xx https://gyazo.com/f717da324c01abe2f6969892106432c1 <--- Created my own skin will release more skins at my store.

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Pretty good, excited to see what comes next.

Publicado September 23, 2016 por Overturner 4 estrellas

Overall, i really like this AVI, i am a fan of the fact that the eyes were in roughly the correct position and it was easy to supplement them with my own. A little more manipulation options on the waist would have been nice, but overall, i'm impressed.

It's cute. the face is really adorable, and as a whole it looks like it's walked straight out of a certain furry artist's best work. The body is smooth, the muscles have nice definition and it's got a good amount of customization available with the sliders~

The neck fluff does tend to clip a little if you have a custom AO, mine happens to clips down into itself often. However, it looks more then good without it, and when posing it's usually not noticeable~

Fair warning to those who buy this atm, it's not complete, there are no facial animations, so be warned, however i'm eagerly awaiting the promised updates and will change this to reflect it accordingly~ In addition, you will sometimes spawn with your jaw open if you select type to talk, but opening/closing it again via the HUD will work~

Currently as it stands, it's a solid 4/5, i will wait for the update to increase that if it adds facial poses~

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