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The Vaera Nail System
Several Lengths, Modify, Materials
. Full HUD Customization .
Individual Nail Changing options
Male and Female Fits
Available in:
This nail system will work cross-hud, which means you buy the base nails and then there will be fancy packs for pretty nail textures. There is also a DEV KIT for those who want to make their own nail packs. Find it inworld in the Eyes Section or in the Related Items Below.
Wear nails, and HUD. Give the HUD ~20 seconds to load the pretties.
!! Select the nails you want to texture by clicking left hand, right hand, both hands, or individual nails.
!! They won't texture unless you have a nail selected. !!
Click a base texture from one of the 20 swatches.
Click NAIL SHAPE Button to change the shape of your nails.
Click GLOW LEVEL button to change the Glow of your nails or leave them at 1.
Go to page two and select shine level at the bottom, from #1-11. THEN Click the shine you want to apply.
Go to page three and select the normal map you want to apply.
The nails are mod. You wanna tint them green? Tint them hos green, alien babe.
Hide/Show or Detach the HUD.
Be a pretty boo.
Please check the item's picture for details.
Any questions about it, send me an INWORLD NOTECARD.
★ It means a lot to me to get good feedback! Problems? Send me a notecard inworld so we can get it resolved -before- you leave a negative review. Please don't leave one without trying to get your item fixed! It makes me spicy.
★ To see more about this item and it's features, check the pictures and read all info closely!
★ [Petrichor] is committed to making clothes, accessories, skins, decor, and much more to accent and upgrade your virtual life.
★ Any questions, comments, or feedback or customer service requests can go to me in NC form inworld, search Aikea Rieko!
★ Need info on this specific item? Shoot an inquiry our way! We are happy to help <3

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★ [Petrichor] Discord: https://discord.gg/DzVHsn6
★ [Petrichor] Blog: http://thebeautifulmachine.com/
★ [Petrichor] Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/vaelian/
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★ Petrichor/Plastik was founded in 2006 and we are happy to still be making pretties for your beautiful faces. Gorgeous 100% custom mesh & lush textures,
Original Fantasy skins, items, accessories, decor, and more.

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  • 100% Original Mesh
  • Gorgeous hand-made textures

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