.:HA:. / .:SA:. RAH-66 Comanche v1.2 Package Versión 1.2

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Brochure: http://kev7993.wix.com/husky-aviation#!rah-66-comanche-brochure/c13dc

Fast, Stealthy, Silent. You're enemies will never see you coming.

Difficulty:Mastered Right out of the Box (Easy Difficulty) (Please ask Kev Barony for a Demo Flight!)
(Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert Scale)

This Aircraft is a Co-production between Husky Aviation (kev barony) and Spijkers Aviation (Tig Spijkers)
Visual model and textures - Kyo Cipher (Kev Barony)
Texture sets - Vexa Cipher (Gunshot Tearfall)
Scripts - Tig Spijkers

The aircraft package includes:
RAH-66 Comanche v1.2 = Fully armed with Vice CMS & ATMS
RAH-66 Comanche NC v1.2 = Not armed but flyable (built for sim travel)
RAH-66 Comanche Gray Display = No flight or combat scripts in this model
RAH-66 Comanche Camo Display = No flight or combat scripts in this model
RAH-66 Comanche Green Display = No flight or combat scripts in this model
RAH-66 Instructions/Features/Disclosures = Note card

Mod and Copy

Yes this aircraft does come with modify permissions for custom textures to be applied, texture maps will be available online for purchase, or you can visit the drop box website (bottom of this note card) to download the PSD files.
Fully animated cockpit displays, HUDs and displays all accurately scaled for second life and vice combat
49 Prims/ Land impact 76

s - start/stop the aircraft
p - toggles hold current altitude
m - toggles Mouselook Steering On/Off
l - toggles lights On/Off
fs - FlySafe, makes the aircraft temporary and phantom (will fly over full parcels and through skyboxes)
chat - toggles the whisper chat from the chopper On/Off
copilot - switches flight controls to the copilot
pilot - switches flight controls back to the pilot
guest - Unlocks/locks the aircraft for everyone.
group - toggles groupmode on/off
eject - ejects copilot
lock/unlock - locks the copilot seat
menu - opens the menu options for seat adjustment , HUD and Commands NC and Guest mode.
c - toggles dynamic camera on/off.
c1 - view from tail
c2 - view from above
c3 - locks your cam into place.
VICE & TCS Weapons Systems:
vice on - activates VICE
vice off - deactivates VICE
tcs on - activates TCS
tcs off - deactivates TCS
ff- fires flares
fc - fires chaffs
p1 - activates air to air stinger missiles (Infra Red guided missiles, with active target lock)
p2 - activate air to ground Hellfire missiles
Hellfire missiles can be locked onto a coordinate by clicking on the MIDS Map and pressing the Fire Button
p3 - activates Hydra Rockets (dumb rockets without guidance)
Gun will rotate to your mouselook (only with VICE / with TCS will always shoot straight)
Gun will switch to the copilot when seated and switch back to the pilot when the copilot leaves the aircraft.
TCS does not use Missiles and gun rotation.
fuel - switches the fuel system on/off
refuel - will refuel your aircraft.

Your HUD is essential (but not required) to fly this aircraft we highly recommend you use the aircraft HUD during flight and combat for other commands and information not available through key commands

Fuel will constantly be consumed but the rate depends on your power setting.

Aircraft Specs

Crew: 2 (only one is required to fly and participate in combat)
Length: 14.28 m (Nose to tail)
Rotor Diameter: 11.90 m
Height: 3.37 m
Disc area: 111 m²
Empty Weight: 9,300 lb (4,218 kg)
Loaded Weight: 12,349 lb (5,601 kg)
Useful load: 5,062 lb (2,296 kg)
Max. takeoff weight: 17,408 lb (7,896 kg)
Powerplant: 2 × LHTEC T800-LHT-801 turboshaft, 1,563 hp (1,165 kW) each
Rotor systems: 5-bladed main rotor, 8-bladed fan-in-fin anti-torque system (FANTAIL)


Maximum speed: 175 knots (201 mph, 324 km/h)
Cruise speed: 165 knots (190 mph, 306 km/h)
Range: 262 nmi (302 mi, 485 km) on internal fuel
Combat radius: 150 nmi (173 mi, 278 km) on internal fuel
Ferry range: 1,200 nmi (1,380 mi, 2,220 km)
Endurance: 2.5 hr
Service ceiling: 14,980 ft (4,566 m)
Rate of climb: 895 ft/min (4.55 m/s)

1× 20 mm XM301 three-barrel Gatling-style cannon mounted in a Turreted Gun System (capacity: 500 rounds)

(air to air)
Payload 1: AIM-92 Stinger x2

(air to ground)
Payload 2: AGM-114 HellFire x2

Payload 3: Hydra 70 rockets x4


Special Thanks to our test pilots:

Texture maps (in PSD form) https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/104258027/RAH66Comanche%20texture%20sets.zip
Trouble Cipher Designs (Purchasable textures sets will be available here): https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/126138
In depth RAH-66 Manual: http://kev7993.wix.com/husky-aviation#!rah-66-comanche-pilot-manual/c1569

Ver el artículo en Second Life



  • Fully Animated
  • Detailed working cockpit
  • 3 Liveries
  • Non combat version
  • Vice and TCS ready

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Crap customer service...
full star empty star empty star empty star empty star Publicado October 03, 2020 por KonaIrons

I mistakenly purchased this Comanche from this shop. Should have used the other vendor that sells the exact Comanche. When asked, "why so many errors?" I received some bullshit answer and made it seem it was my fault... True, it was my fault, my fault for purchasing through this vendor. Stay away, unless want to lose 1900L. You've been warned.... P.s. the MP should be able to give negative star ratings, this vendor sure deserves it... Piss poor customer service!

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