Raven Bell : BJD Bento Head [1.0] Versión 1.8

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► THIS HEAD USES TWO DIFFERENT UV MAPS. Be aware which you are using and which one your textures are for!
► HEAD DOES NOT COME WITH ANY BODY SKINS. (I wear TSG&Pink Fuel's vampy tone body skins with mine.)
► Not all Omega textures will be flawless. Please try the demo!
► THIS HEAD IS MADE FOR MODDERS. While it has a HUD to help make customization easier, you may need some basic modding skills to be able to work with this head fully and make it look exactly how you'd like. This head is made to have as many openings for customization as possible!
► This head can be adjusted with shape sliders and will work with other bento face animations when available.

**If you are using the Kuroo body, please try the demo and use the Female Neck options in both the head and body to make sure you are satisfied with the fit at the neck before purchasing. This head was made to match the standard linden neck sizing, which fits most bodies on the market.


The first boi of the BJD Bento series! Lance is:
► A three-layered MODIFIABLE head with:
- A fully customizable skin layer!
- Human teeth and ears!
- Six makeup layer sections!
- Six tattoo layer sections!

He will fit to most bodies, male or female.
► The male neck will fit bodies fitted to the male linden body (ex. Belleza Jake, Signature, Slink male).
► The female neck will fit bodies fitted to the female linden body (ex. Maitreya, Belleza females, Slink females).
► For everything else (Such as Avatar 2.0 or Kemono), there is the universal neck!

BJD 3/4 SKIN appliers work on this head to an extent; use the universal neck for best results on older textures (Old Eyebrows, Eyelashes, Ears, and Mouth textures are not compatible)!

✰NEW✰ Omega Eyelash support on the Omega UV versions of the head!



✰NEW✰ Appearance HUD
The big boy.
- Every section of the head now has visibility, blend/mask, and full bright toggles.
- Transparency, glow, glossiness, and environment each have their own sliders with a color tint selection window that can be pulled out. All of these can be applied to any section of the head across all three layers!
- Two back of the head alphas and three neck type choices.

Personal Appliers
If you make your own mods for the head, you can quickly input and save your UUIDs for personal use and quick switching. Materials are supported as well!
(This will apply to the Omega UV version as well, be aware!)

✰NEW✰ Expression HUD
- Five brow poses plus brow waggle option! Left and right brow animations are individually selectable.
- Five eye poses plus blinking! Left and right eye animations are individually selectable.
- 13 mouth poses plus talking animation!
Also included, a full facial AO that plays a subtle, lifelike animation! Animation selections will continue playing even when the Expression HUD is detached.

✰NEW✰ Default texture HUD
Not only will this restore the default textures of the head, but now there are four basic skin options to choose from! (Eyeliner/Natural, Brows/No brows). Also includes basic tintable eyeliner, blush, and lipstick for both BJD UV and OmegaUV. It also comes with a hair base for the BJD UV.

Further updates will be for bug and compatibility fixes.



Need a new copy? Hit up a CasperVend redelivery terminal.

SHAPES AFFECT THIS HEAD ** Please, please wear the shape and alpha that comes with this head, and modify it to your liking. Linden hair affects brow shape. The alpha that comes with this head will fix an eyelash glitch and keep any LL bits of head/neck from poking through.

Be cautious when editing your shape: taking shape sliders to the extreme will likely cause animations to clip.

For more troubleshooting info, please be sure to check out the website!

*If you wish to use the Omega features of this head, you can buy your relay HUD at an in-world location, like my mainstore: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Neo%20Star/10/223/3502

Or on Marketplace, https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Omega-System-Kit-Raven-Bell/11048233?lang=en-US

**Omega versions were updated to fix the neck in V1.1**

**Update 1.8: Updated to BJD Bento Series HUD system, improved Omega UVs, improved female neck fit, fixed a bug on the female omega neck, updated textures and more!**

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full star full star full star full star full star Publicado October 13, 2018 por FoxyLiddell

The head is pretty cute... removing small problems.
also, the creator is a whole love.

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Nice head!
full star full star full star full star full star Publicado January 26, 2018 por KennyChidorie

I like make texture modifications on the head. Very lovely, very pretty. Thank you for this creation, Raven.

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