Santa Rita - furnished house cottage bxd 1.0

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PLEASE, NOTE: this is a skybox only. This means that is enclosed within a cube.


This skybox is built with mesh, so you need Viewer 3 or some else viewer capable.

Mesh are not like prims, if you resize a mesh could increase the prims count.

Skybox mesh are linked and setted to optimize the LI count. Of course items are mod, so you are able to unlink them, but keep in mind that by doing this, will increase the LI.

Mesh textures dont work like textures of prims, because usually mesh have only some faces or just one.

Saying all this, be careful how you change and modify your home and enjoy it :)


► 31x31 meters (1024 sqm or bigger)
► full rendered
► 2 versions: BASIC: unfurnished, 39 prims (39 LI)
PLUS: full furnished, 144 prims (144 LI)
► Remote Control System for windows, doors, radio, security and lights
► Security System (needs permissions on the land) with menu access option, adjustable scanrange; adjustable delay
► windows: Manhattan by day, Manhattan by night, Second Life (alpha)
► radio (needs media permissions on the land)
► lights with customizable intensity/brightness and infinite colors (picker)
► Environmental ambient
► relay deedable with group
► free update for life
► custom high quality textures
► rez-faux
► Casperlet - Hippo rent ready: It allows you to automatically add an avatar to the house Officer list just by paying your rent box.
.When the rental period has expired without renewal the renter is automatically deleted form the Officers list.


► plants
► vases
► MLP dinner table+chairs
► paints
► Adjustable multianimated MLP sofa
► Bed MLP Pure Boudoir Engine v1.2
► MLP rug high quality animations
► MLP Hot tub
► sofa
► internet for v2/v3
►bathroom furniture


►FAQ at WWW.INVERSEGRAPHICS.NET and request support trought the form you can find in the SUPPORT page;
► All istructions about setting and operation into the package (english)
►Send an IM or a notecard in world for additional support (english, italian)
► If the Marketplace fails to deliver the item, send an IM inworld with number and date of the translation for redeliver

(*) How works rWarder?
Leave a review about this item, and come in our land. To the landing point you'll find a rWarder terminal. Click on it, and write in local chat the product name. Done! The terminal will send you our reward for your cooperation.

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  • low prims
  • 500 High Quality animations
  • Security System
  • Remote Controlled
  • Free update for life

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Publicado September 12, 2020 por StrongZer0 4 estrellas

Inverse is my go-to when I need a quick something to dress up a parcel for rent/sale. This little job here was fairly impressive, so much in so little. As always, there are size issues; big avatar tiny space, little avatar giant furniture. Such is life with Inverse. That being said, the only issue is the bed with pose balls. Yeah, on the heels of 2021 we got pose balls folks. Now, LI is so light that if you get it unfurnished you can add your own bed and resolve that problem. However, if you want to be lazy and use their furniture when removing the bed there may be a shadow if you rez the no shadow version. It is not very easy to find a bed that covers that. However, there are some out there and I can offer suggestions if you are having difficulty finding one.

In short, it is a pretty good house for the price and gives you room to build a garden or pool or whatever else on a 512 parcel, so nice!

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Publicado February 04, 2020 por Marsha Shelman 1 estrella

upstair too small for me,only small avi can live,i feel narrow,need higher ceiling

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