Ski Lift v2.0

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Ski Lift Instructions

1) Rez the top in the general area where you want the ski lift ride to end.
If you have higher mountains or buildings nearby you might want to rez a little higher for now.
You can open your map here and put a beacon in this spot to make it easier to setup the base.

2) Rez the base where you want the ride to start and aim it towards where you rezzed the top.

=== DOUBLE-CLICK the base to get the menu, and follow the buttons in order. ===

3) First select 'Set Channel' from the menu. There are 10 channels available. This is very important if
you setup more than one ski lift in the same sim.

4) Select 'Align Top' from the menu. This will move the top of the ski lift to be aligned with the base for the cables.

5) The 'Trace Path' button will turn on a blue particle tracer to mark the path where the cables will rez.
Follow these and make sure you have a clear path for both the cables to rez and the chairs to follow.
Be sure to leave room on the left for the return cable, and room below for the chairs to follow.

NOTE: If you lost the top on step 4 and need to rez a new one, make sure to go back to step 3, and set the
channel back to 0, then back to the channel you want to set your lift on.

6) Select 'Rez Cables' from the menu and watch the cables rez up to the top.
If you have a small gap at the top, move the top piece with your ruler mode set to Local.

7) Select 'Turn On' from the menu, this will cause the chairs to start rezzing, go ahead and take a ride up now
and make sure everything is setup properly. If everything is good, then fly back down to the base and select
'Lock Cables' from the menu. Also if the blue tracer particles are still showing, select 'Trace Path' again to turn them off.

Happy Skiing!



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full star empty star empty star empty star empty star Publicado November 20, 2022 por RamblinIrish

Can't use it because nothing I do stops the chair blinking in and out so you can't sit on it

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5 outta 5!
full star full star full star full star full star Publicado November 18, 2022 por FailByDurex

This system still works like a charm! Had some 'hiccups' at setup, so contacted the creator which responded like almost instantly, and helped me trough it all in a very friendly matter. So if you find yourself in need off a nice and good working Ski-Lift for your place, than THIS is still THE ONE you want to get for sure!

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