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=TBM= Kronos V2

Real SL aerobatic airplane, with a normal aerobatic mode, "Hardcore" mode and a "Hyper Hardcore" mode.

Textures are modifiable, create your own Kronos.

A group has been created especially for =TBM= aerobatic airplanes for having free add-ons, free textures/templates for your plane:
the "=TBM= Custom Group":

-----------------------★★Pack contents★★--------------------------

★ Display model (not scripted, except the canopy, modifiable)
★ Flyable model V 2 NEW VERSION
★ Flyable model for small avatar NEW
★ Flyable model for petite avatar NEW
★ Flyable model for tiny avatar NEW
★ Engine test stand decoration
★ Poster
★ RC Model Suitcase decoration
★ Notices EN
★ Hud camera & gauges
★ Template Help-Center & Repaint kit Template for :

☆ Fuselage
☆ Wings
☆ Ailerons
☆ Stabilizer
☆ Elevator
☆ Rudder
☆ Engine hood
☆ landing gear hood
☆ Wings strut

------------------------★★Terms of use★★--------------------------
You can modify all parts of this plane except all script, you can make livery with templates and share&resell
ALL templates is full permissions, you can share & resell it


← Left Arrow - Bank Left (Turn Left on the Ground)
→ Right Arrow - Bank Right (Turn Right on the Ground)
Shift + Left Arrow- Rudder left ( Work only in exterior view not in mouslook)
Shift + Right Arrow - Rudder right ( Work only in exterior view not in mouslook)
↑ Forward Arrow - Nose Down
↓ Back Arrow - Nose UP
▲ Page up - Throttle increase
▼ Page Down - Throttle Decrease

5%-10% = TAXIWAY
35% = TAKE-OFF
30% - 45% = CRUISE MODE

---------------------★★Chat commands★★-------------------------


- start - Start the engine

- Stop - Stop the engine


- i - Toggle on or off the smoke system (auto stop at 10% engine speed )


- c - Toggle views

☆☆Harcore mode☆☆

- h - Switch modes (Harcore on / off)

- hh - Switch modes (Hyper Harcore on / off)



- VR1 - rear standard view camera

- VR2 - rear view camera with zoom and mouselook mode transition

- V360 - panoramic view of the plane. Zoom and mouselook mode transition

- VRC - freeze the camera. Follow the camera's gaze as if the pilot use remote control. The initial position of the camera is freely chosen by the pilot.


- Altimeter

- Speed indicator

- Compass

-------------★★What's new in this V2 version ???★★--------------

- bigger wheels for the "normal" KRONOS (allow you to pilot the plane on ground easily, because of steps)

- automatic seat resizer system in for avatar size from 1,30m to 2,30m ( works on rezz, or when leaving the plane seat )

- V2 version available for "small" avatar

- V2 version available for "petite" avatar

- V2 version available for "tiny" avatar


Updater inside.

☆Rafaell sorbet

☆Tania Bouvier

--------------------------★★Thanks to★★---------------------------

☆Script = Tania Bouvier
☆model = Rafaell Sorbet
☆hud = Bunnys Fride

Special thanks to our tests pilots:
☆ svetlana shamen
☆ aiko toki
☆ mustang2 bing
☆ julyanna destiny
☆ ito Naminosaki

=TBM= Tania Bouvier Motors 2012

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a fun stunt plane

Publicado July 24, 2013 por jeff Maesar 5 estrellas

this biplan is simply awesome, easy to handle, several sizes comes in the box (event a petite avatar version).

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A Wonderful, Capable, Fun and Love Aerobatic Airplane

Publicado July 06, 2013 por TruthSeeker Tracy 5 estrellas

I really love this plane ! Can only say good things about it.

I have flown every aerobatic plane in SL and this is my current favorite. Highly responsive and maneuverable, Good sim crosser even with the smoke trail on. Can fly much faster than you will ever want to in SL. It also flies gracefully at slow speeds.. Great to have the working rudder, that allows for more advanced maneuvers and even for a beginning pilot in SL it is easy to fly and can grow in its abilities as you become more comfortable flying it.

The boarding and exiting animations have to seen to be believed. My avatar is tall and I have no prolem at all with headroom.The plane is very nicely detailed and when you look at it's aggressive but beautiful design it it just screams that it wants to be flown hard and fast.

Among other things, for me stunt flying in SL is the closest thing in SL to the feeling of dancing in RL and I think I have found the perfect versatile dance partner. But be forewarned. flying this plane it is so much fun to fly in so many ways you will not want to stop flying it so your other activities in SL and RL may fall behind :-) Great job on this one!

10 star rating if I could.

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