The FotoScope LIGHTSCOPE - for ALL your photographic lighting needs!!!! Versión V1

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The Fotoscope LightScope is a photographic lighting system designed to cater for ALL of your lighting needs in a single device.

The LightScope is a single object which consists of:
* a base unit which is used to align the lights to your photo studio or location
* 4 lights which can be configured and moved around separately or all together

You can save up to 8 lighting setups in the presets provided. Once you've set up your lights they can be hidden so they don't get in the way of the photography.

The LightScope is operated via a single HUD with 3 tabs giving access to a wide range of controls which allow you set ALL the parameters which SL lights can use.

A lightbox is provided to allow you to experiment with the lights and this doubles as a simple but effective photostudio especially if you take pictures of avatars against a self-coloured background.

Quite simply the LightScope allows you to set EVERYTHING that SL lights are capable of!

* 4 independently configurable and moveable photographic lights
* operate the LightScope via a HUD
* CHANGE SETTINGS for any or all lights - on/off, colour, intensity, radius, falloff
* MOVE lights independently or together
* SHOW or HIDE lights
* RESET light settings, positions or everything
* SAVE up to 8 PRESET lighting setups
* DUMP settings to local chat so you can save them permanently
* a LIGHTBOX for experimenting with the lights
* TRANSFER the HUD to other users (it’s copiable AND transferable!!!)
* HIDE the HUD to maximise screen space
* get detailed HELP
* TIPS on using SL lights for photography
* LOW-PRIM – the LightScope is 5 prims only
* SHUTDOWN the LightScope to reduce lag

1 LightScope Base
1 LightScope HUD
1 Presets notecard
1 LightBox
LightScope Help Notecards
Fotoscope Info and Landmarks

LightScope - 5 prims - NO Modify, NO Copy, Transfer
HUD - attached so prims don't count (but there are 77!!) – Modify, Copy, Transfer
LightBox - 2 prims - Modify, Copy, NO Transfer

For more information about Fotoscope Products, have a look at the Fotoscope website -

Contact Korgi Lerwick inworld if you have any queries.

Fotoscope has a reputation for producing quality products at reasonable prices. Our after-sales service is second to none and we're always happy to help.

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  • a lighting rig with 4 lights
  • all lighting settings are user-settable
  • lights can be set/moved all together or independently
  • save up to 8 presets
  • hide the lights once they're set up

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Publicado August 12, 2016 por HillSpirit Tuppakaka 5 estrellas

This is an amazing product, and was just what I had been looking for as I already had my own backdrops. These lights are very easy to set up and use, and really do give wonderful results. The customer service is second to none, and Korgi resolved my issue very swiftly. If you like taking photos, and want to make them better, then this is the product for you, at a very affordable price. Thank you Korgi Lerwick!

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