Space UFO Invader (multi-mode engine with gunners, 'abduction' capability, a 2nd friendly version, with Rezzer/RC/Comm) Versión 3.7

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'UFO Invader' use a multi-mode engine to perform as a non-physical or physical vehicle that can transport 12 avatars.

All vehicles are accessed by a Hud which allows access to various Vehicle, Options
and Settings menus. 'Main Menu' refers to the static Hud menus, while 'Menu'
refers to the Vehicle Controls interactive menu.

An Engine Control Panel allows access to Vehicle controls and Main Hud menus

. On/Off enables the vehicle to access the avatar's control keys.
. Menu accesses the Main Hud
. Mode selects physical and non-physical flight modes
. 'Stop' applies a momentary damping field and stops all on-going controls
. Display toggles the Vehicle Rate Display (m/sec)

There are three flight modes, Warp, MoveTo and Impulse.

. The 'Impulse' acts like a physical anti-gravity vehicle, completely controlled by
it's inertia produced by the 'thrusters' on all six sides.

. Warp is a non-physical vehicle mode that uses llSetRegionPos for inner sim travel,
and WarpPos for multi-sim.

. Modes may be switched at any time.

. MoveTo is also a physical mode, but movement is incremental and precise.

For traveling between sims, physical 'Impulse' mode is recommended since it seems
that the sims were coded specificly for these types of vehicles, but failure does occur.

Weapons affect the ships, only when they are in 'Impulse' mode. For a friendly game of
'Space War', all ships should be in this mode for a fair fight.


-- You can touch: --

- Captain's Command Chair

. Front/Back of chair accesses the Main Menu Hud.
. Seat for sitting on it

The Main Hud accesses multiple menus for various ship option and settings
and menus that control all of the ships functions.

Engine Control Panel for 5 Menu Buttons

. Vehicle On/Off (activates Engine and Pilot's Cannon.
. Vehicle Menu
. Sim Position / Rate Change Display
. Stop
. Mode Selection (Warp, MoveTo, Impulse)

For first time usage, it may be neccessary to hit the 'On' twice.

Landmarks Panel to display and select Landmarks that you have
dropped on it, or download from the Rezzer.

Front Portal Opening

. Only the owner can touch it from the outside.
. Touching the Floor Ramp opens/closes the portal
. Captain's Chair right arm opens/closes the portal.
. Command Table Top to open/close the front portal

- Command Hull Table/Bench

Table Top opens/closes front portal
Front of Table opens/closes top hull hatch
Top of bench selects sitting area
Bench Floor for interior Glow Lights

- Hull Hatch to open/close

Touching the Hatch from inside or outside, opens/closes it

When 'unlocked', anyone can touch it and all linked
messages 'touch', 'open', and 'close' can affect it

When 'locked', only owner can touch it and only linked
messages 'open', and 'close' can affect it.

- Floor Hatch to open/close

Touching the Hatch from inside or outside, opens/closes it

When 'unlocked', anyone can touch it and all linked
messages 'touch', 'open', and 'close' can affect it

When 'locked', oly owner can touch it and only linked
messages 'open', and 'close' can affect it.

- Interior Glow Light panels

Command Bench Floor also acts as a toggle switch


-- Ship Features --

- Canons

Pilot's Chair accesses a front Canon
Rear Bench accesses left/right Canons

. Hud menu changes/load Ammo type
. Ammo types are large physical or scripted projectiles
. Ammo may be customized or replaced using notecards
. Ammo type includes Homing/Seeker missiles.
. Cannons may be auto-aimed/fired at pre-selected targets.

- Shield

An inner ball expands as a Shield, and an inner
ring morphs as a tube to protect the dome hatches.

. Prevents access to sitting on seats from the outside
. Covers the top and lower hatches from outside touches
. Encloses the center area

- Engine Control Keys

Warp Engine is engaged by the menu button 'Vehicle On/Off',
which takes control of the Avatar's movement keys.

. Key Left, rotate left
. Key Right, rotate right
. Key Up, move forward
. Key Down, move backwards
. Page Up, move upwards
. Page Down, move downwards
. Shift Left, move left sideways
. Shift Right, move right sideways
. Page Up+Down, stop all motion & controls

- UFO Abductions

The Lower Hull Hatch also acts as a 'Lift' elevator, in which avatars
below it will be picked up and drawn into the ship. The menu action
for this is the 'Fetch', under the Portals page.

The "Trackers' menu has a 'Kidnap' function which commands the
ship to auto-pilot to a preslected AV target, and then activates the
Lift elevator to 'Fetch' them.

Visit us on the Demo Showroom for additional documentation and a rezzer of available ships.



  • Custom physical/non-physical engine (WarpPos + llSetRegionPos)
  • Pilot and two gunners with access to a variety of anti-griefer weapons
  • ship has auto-pilot ablities with drop landmarks or sim map touch screen
  • ship can be commanded to perform an 'Alien Abduction' manuver
  • comes with rezzer that can locate the ship grid-wide or ship-to-ship chat

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